Fantasia Barrino Gives Fans A Health Update With A Photo Of Her Sexy Figure, And She Gets Body-Shamed Instead

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Diva and actress Fantasia Barrino recently shared a gorgeous photo on social media to give an important health update.

The singer revealed that she is completely healed after having knee surgery. The mother of two posed outside in a pair of tight jeans that highlighted her stunning curvy figure, and she wrote this brief caption: “Now I can’t stay in the house for long. I’m back up on my feet from that Knee Surgery, but Now I have to watch this virus.”

One person on Instagram opted to body-shame Fantasia with this comment: “Looks like you’re gaining weight. You wear it well, though.” Many of the star’s fans were quick to defend her shape.

A supporter clapped back by saying: “Is that a southern thing where they are always looking at someone’s weight instead of being in good health, everything little not healthy or cute do better Black people these people out here trying to buy the a*s most of us were blessed with Really.”

Another commenter stepped in to explain: “Everyone isn’t raised the same… She’s always been thick so, why say that?! Maybe they’re also gaining weight and don’t wanna feel alone. Hey, rude internet person, I pray for your good luck on your weight loss journey! 🙏🏿”

This woman complimented Fantasia: “I agree. I feel like thick is a positive way of saying she looks nice, and gaining weight is viewed as negative. Tasia always looks amazing. I know the weight struggle as well.”

This Instagrammer wrote: “Society has taught people to take it as in insult when someone says ur gaining weight. But what I don’t understand is so many people are coming down on her and ignore the previous statement of the man calling her thick. I’m sure he meant it as a compliment as well. But why are we so hard on our women and so light on our men. Why do we give men the right to say whatever they feel like saying and then blow up when a woman speaks her mind? Like I said before, I really think both were complimenting her. She’s really a beautiful woman and very much in shape. I have seen her in person several times, sometimes she’s smaller, and sometimes she’s a bit heavier, But regardless, she always looks amazing and always holds her shape, just gorgeous.”

Fantasia recently set social media on fire and delighted husband, Kendall Taylor. The R&B diva took to Instagram to share a new fiery picture.

In the snap, which was a combination of two separate photos, the 35-year-old star could be seen from two different angles, as she poses for the camera in very fashionable attire.

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The singer was still getting vibes from the most romantic day of the year, because she accentuated the red color in her outlook, as she appeared with scarlet hair.

The American Idol winner’s apparent preference for the color of love was also expressed in the caption of her post, which was: “Stepped outside Just For You Red.”

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You are My Strength

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In addition, the “Enough” artist combined her scarlet hair with eccentric white boots that reached well above her knees and a long romantic dress in white and red.

The popular musician kept her accessories simple but elegant, as she combined oversized gold hoop earrings with a couple of bracelets, a pair of oval sunglasses, and sported a handbag in a light beige shade.

Naturally, fans of the singer were delighted by the photograph, and a lot of her followers rushed to compliment Fantasia on her stunning looks.

Many praised her fashion choices, but the majority of her supporters were more impressed by the singer’s stunning haircut.

It appears that Fantasia has been having the time of her life ever since she married her husband, Kendall, in 2015.

Back then, the celebrity gave her fandom a glimpse of the wedding, as she shared numerous pictures of the event.


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