Prince Harry Sided With Prince William And Ignored Meghan Markle’s Suggestion As Revealed In These Photos

Prince William Harry Meghan Markle Matching Princess Diana

It appears that Prince Harry had some explaining to do when he returned to his new home in Montecito, California because it seems that he declined to take wife Meghan Markle‘s advice while he was in London with Prince William.

Prince Harry’s trip to the UK made a lot of headlines, as many were wondering if he would meet with his father, Prince Charles, and grandmother Queen Elizabeth II or whether he was able to make amends with his older brother, Prince William.

However, Prince Harry spilled some ink for his fashion choice, which might have gone against Meghan Markle’s desires, according to a royal expert.

The two brothers, whose relationship supposedly deteriorated throughout the last few years, appeared to be in good spirits when they showed up for the unveiling ceremony of their late mother, Princess Diana‘s statue at Kensington Palace.

Princess Diana’s sons surprised royal fans by wearing identical navy suits.

Many agreed that the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex looked elegant and somber in their matching attire.

However, others were curious about how Meghan Markle felt about her spouse’s decision to ditch the famous grey suit he has been wearing since they met because she loves seeing him in that color.

Royal commentator Richard Eden revealed how the brothers’ decision to show unity with their clothes might irk the former actress.

He said: “One thing that no one’s really picked up on is the level of coordination between the brothers. You might have noticed they were both wearing navy suits and Harry has been stuck to his grey suit ever since he met Meghan. I think she suggested, ‘you look good in grey’ and he’s always worn it but on this occasion he wore navy. That was Diana’s favorite suit for a man, it was navy.”

The unity did not go to a deeper level because it was reported that Prince Harry did not meet privately with the Duke of Cambridge.

The Duke of Sussex was seen leaving in a rush right after the end of the ceremony. About 24 hours later, pictures of his arrival at Los Angeles airport started circulating the Internet.

The Duke of Sussex was seen returning to the United States early in the morning after he was away for one week.

It seems that the 36-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth II traveled comfortably, as he wore a white T-shirt, khaki trousers, a pair of New Balance sneakers and hid his face with the help of a black mask and a baseball hat.

In addition, the Duke of Sussex was allegedly brought to his car by a couple of airport employees, and a member of his personal security team helped him with his baggage, and he was driven away in a large white Chevrolet SUV.

Reports are circulating claiming that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning to travel to London in September to take part in a more significant event that will celebrate Princess Diana’s legacy.


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