Bad News For Prince Harry Who Is Set To Lose These Royal Advantages When Prince Charles Takes The Throne Amid Criticism Of His Activism With Meghan Markle

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Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to abandon their positions as senior royals, even though they kept their royal titles, they were prohibited from using them in public.

However, recent reports suggest that in the future, when Prince Charles inherits the throne, Harry may be stripped of his title and lose some of the perks that he still has a Prince.

Apparently, a lot of people were outraged because even though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex openly expressed their desire to be independent of the British Royal family, they still used their royal monograph in combination with a coronet in their correspondence.

The meaning of the small crown was given back at the time when Prince Harry married Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and their union resulted in the creation of a new coat of arms for the couple.

According to an official statement from the Palace, the coronet was given to the monograph and coat of arms “for the sons and daughters of the heir apparent,” as dictated by a Royal Warrant of 1917.

The crown, which was described as being “composed of two crosses patée, four fleurs-de-lys and two strawberry leaves,” was allowed to be used by Harry, who is currently the sixth in line to the throne.

Royal expert Iain MacMarthanne had this to say on the topic: “Monograms are used by all members of the royal family, either an individual letter or, when a couple, both letters intertwined. As things presently stand, in the event of Charles becoming king, the Duke of Sussex would continue to be able to use this monogram.”

Meanwhile, many were wondering if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be allowed to include the symbol when Prince Charles ascends the throne, and Prince William becomes the heir apparent.

MacMarthanne revealed that things might change in the future for the famous couple.

He revealed: “However, dependent upon what is subsequently agreed, given the withdrawal of the Sussex’s from royal duties, this might change. Only time will tell.”

On the other hand, some royal experts stated that it might still be possible for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to keep their coat of arms and monogram unchanged.

The power couple has moved to America and is trying to rebrand themselves as climate and social justice activists. Their new activities might be very lucrative, but they are also attracting critics left and right calling out for being hypocrites.


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