Teacher’s Aide Reportedly Caught On Video Having Sex With Two Boys In Condo Pool

Kirstie None Rosa Collier County Sheriff's Office Teacher's Aide

Kirstie Rosa, a woman from Florida, who was working as a teacher’s aide, was taken into custody recently as it was believed she had had sexual intercourse with two underage students in a community pool near the building where she lives.

Kirstie None Rosa has reportedly taken advantage of her position as an aide in the school, and she had an intimate relationship with one of the pupils.

The 27-year-old allegedly had sex with the boy on multiple occasions, either at where he lived or at her condo in East Naples.

The two of them supposedly kept in touch via SnapChat. Rosa confessed to meeting the student and being at his home, but claimed they did not do anything wrong and only watched television.

Kirstie Rosa Florida Collier County Sheriff's Office Teacher's Aide

According to the police report, earlier this year, Rosa met with the student and one of his classmates to drive them to a party.

At the event, the woman reportedly gave the boys marijuana and alcohol, but they were soon asked to leave when the host of the party discovered they were underage.

The trio continued the evening at Rosa’s condo, and later she brought them to the community pool to take a swim, according to statements by police officials.

However, the pool was under security surveillance, and the police detectives were able to obtain video from the cameras that allegedly showed Rosa having sex with the students.

Police were made aware of the allegations after the brother of one of the alleged victims, who is 20 years old, said that she came over, and he heard noise coming from the bedroom.

Following what happened, the disgraced teacher’s aide was arrested on Friday on three counts of lewd and lascivious battery sexual activity with a 15-year-old, and most likely will be terminated from her job at the Collier County School District.

She was released after posting bond. The community was shaken to its core by what happened.

Shannon Van Antwerp stated: “These students are in there for a reason, and for a teacher to do that, I just think it’s really horrible.”

A resident, who lives in the area where the school is located, Kevin Buja, added: “It makes me angry and wary about what’s going on over there.”

Rosa’s next court date is set for December 30.


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