Cara Delevingne And Kaia Gerber Get Close At BLM Rally — Those Photos Have Fans Convinced That They Are Dating After British Model Split From Ashley Benson

Kaia Gerber Cara Delevingne Might Be Dating

Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber attended a Black Lives Matter rally in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The two young women got very close in a few pictures that appeared online and even shared a tender moment with Margaret Qualley.

This was enough to spark some fresh dating rumors, months after 27-year-old Delevingne and Ashley Benson, 30, ended their two-year relationship. Gerber also dated Pete Davidson for two months between October and December.

Interestingly, Delevingne shared a huge hug with Qualley, a woman who was also involved with Davidson in the past. Some have even speculated that Delevingne and Qualley appeared like very close old friends or more.

Gerber, 18, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, even held hands with the British model at some point. Davidson’s ex-girlfriend also embraced the Suicide Squad actress in tender fashion as they watched the rally.

Fans on social media rapidly started screaming, new couple alert, and many of them expect things to get official in the coming weeks. Delevingne and Gerber were quarantine pals after Benson moved on with rapper G-Eazy, who is 31.

Some supporters on social media still call Benson and Delevingne soulmates, although it is clear that the Pretty Little Liars star has moved on, and it seems that the Paper Towns star is ready to do the same.

Delevingne, who previously identified as bisexual, now says she is pansexual. Gerber has never said anything publicly about her sexuality. However, last month, fans of Riverdale blamed her for Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart‘s latest breakup.

Those critics say Sprouse might have cheated with Gerber before the split. Reinhart also came out as a “proud bisexual woman” in June. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of many relationships in recent months.

When it comes to Delevingne, fans want some clarity. One of them wrote: “I hope the shippers, ex stans and trolls will finally stop blaming Ashley for the breakup and for rebounding. The ex seems really happy now with her quarantine fling/flame. It’s about time to come out openly. Pretty sure Ashley will get hurt still because they were her friends, but at least she can unfollow them now and delete the photos for good.”

A second commenter chimed in: “These latest papped photos of the ex with her new flame topped all of Ash & Gerald’s papped photos seriously. Really there’s more PDA than all Ash and Sleazy combined Lol who’s being more discrete now? Ex is just two months behind in PDA, but their fling might be ongoing at the same time as Ash and Gerald or might be longer as they’re quarantining together since the start of quarantine 🙊.”

A third person added: “Cara and Kaia already got a matching tattoo before even Ashley and geaz start their PR, ppl keep saying Ashley cheated on her emotional, but in the end, it was Cara and not Ashley. Ashley is definitely going to be hurt because they were friends, but the good side troll going to stop the fanfic cheat theory it applies on the ex more than Ashley.”

Some interesting entanglements might be happening before fans’ eyes right now.


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