Annoyed Denise Bidot Responds To Those Who Criticized Her Steamy Bed And Bikini Photos With New Boyfriend Lil Wayne

Denise Bidot Lil Wayne's New Girlfriend After La'Tecia Thomas

Lil Wayne is in love and is not afraid to show off his new girlfriend, Denise Bidot, even while they are in bed.

However, not everyone is happy to see all the lovey-dovey photos the rapper has been posting lately. This means that the model is getting slammed left and right for jumping into bed with him, and starting the romance just weeks after the famous hip-hop artist split from his ex-fiancée, La’Tecia Thomas.

Miss Bidot is also getting insulted for her man’s sins. Recently, Lil Wayne angered many black women on the Internet.

The “How To Love” singer did an interview with 50 Cent, where they laughed after the Power producer insulted black women by saying that he prefers “exotic women.”

The duo also agreed that black women are often angry and do not know how to behave. Recently, the New Orleans MC decided to put on a full public display of affection on social media.

Weezy wanted the world to see how gorgeous his girlfriend is when she wakes up in the morning, so he shared a photo where the model is in bed.

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Stop sleepin on love.😎

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Fans and foes shared their thoughts on the romance. Both Bidot and the MC were slammed by this social media user: “He was JUST with LaTecia Thomas. I don’t see how you can fall in love that quick. That’s just infatuation.
Idc what he’s saying. I don’t like what he said about black women and the “exotic” women thing when you have a beautiful black daughter. Keep it.”

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Lil Wayne’s ex-fiancée was mentioned by this commenter: “His relationships are quite long, and then he leaves them high and dry…You left your fiancé for some random girl. I can’t respect it. That’s why his dreads falling off one by 1. Karma catching up. Stop sleeping without a silk scarf before you lose those last two dreads.”

This Instagrammer wrote: “Imagine thinking its a snake in your bed, and you realize its just lil Wayne dread 💀I just wanna know how she stands seeing his hair, face, mouth, etc. Her stomach strong ❤His women don’t be all of that for some exotic chicks. They look regular as hell. Chile, please, if you didn’t have millions, she wouldn’t even look your way.🤢”

Bidot, who is fed up with the mean comments, has decided to address the matter with this post: “You may have noticed I’ve been quieter on here lately. I wasn’t down for some of the negativity I’ve seen based on my relationship, so I’m choosing to pause living so much on social media & focus more on living. After over 10 years of being single, I’m allowing love in and idgaf who has an opinion about it. Also for those of you showing love and being happy for me, I see you and I appreciate you! 😘❤️”

She added: “Here’s a quick update :
Still happy.
Still healthy.
Still grateful.
Still madly in love.

It is not clear if her move will change things.


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