Man Is Sought In Connection To Atlanta Wendy’s Fire After Arrest Of Rayshard Brooks’s Alleged ‘Girlfriend’ Natalie White

Natalie White Rayshard Brooks Wendy's Atlanta Fire

Natalie White, a woman, who was accused of setting fire to a Wendy’s in Atlanta, seems to have a more complicated past, as reports indicate that she was allegedly involved in a violent domestic incident with two friends from her high school.

This happened two months before the arson and the death of a Black named Rayshard Brooks.

White, 29, allegedly committed the act as retaliation, may have been the girlfriend of Brooks. The statement was reportedly made by Brooks himself on June 12, when he referred to White as his partner shortly before his life was taken in the tragic incident.

White’s motives for allegedly setting fire to the establishment are not totally clear, although she reportedly voluntarily turned herself in and has not attempted to cause any further trouble after she learned that there was a warrant out for her arrest.

The woman’s attorney has not confirmed her relationship with Brooks, only stating that the two were “close friends” without elaborating further.

The story has already gotten quite complicated from multiple sides, and this certainly does not help things in any way.

The ongoing tensions in the country do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and various reports like this one have been adding even more fuel to the fire.

It is hard to tell where this will all end up, but it is clear that it will be difficult for the nation as a whole to return to normalcy after the main events have blown over.

Many commenters online have argued that this is something that has been coming for a long time and that it was expected to become a prominent development sooner or later anyway.

One person stated: “Dog if yall follow me I’ve been out here protesting, she wasn’t the only damn one. It was many of different races that burnt that bitch down. And yes that’s his girlfriend she didn’t start the fire.”

A second commenter made this valid point: “I feel for Rashard’s wife. All this crying on tv for him and he was out with his girlfriend at the time of his arrest. Open marriage or was he cheating? SMH.”

A third observer brought up a conspiracy theory: “Saw man I did a little research and Black Lives Matter is run by white liberals. George Soros for sure Is funding it. And most if not all the donations go to Democratic presidential candidates.”

A man is being sought in connection to Wendy’s fire with a $10,000 reward, he may have info on the matter.


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