Angry Taxpayers Tell Kate Middleton And Prince William To Stop Spending Public Money — Will The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Be Forced To Get Real Jobs In The Future?

Prince William Kate Middleton Republic Taxpayers

It appears Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were right all along when they decided to leave their royal income and hereditary power behind and get jobs to support their lavish lifestyle.

Now Kate Middleton and Prince William and the rest of the royal family are being told by thousands of British taxpayers it is time to get real jobs.

In a fiery interview, Graham Smith, the CEO of Republic, did not hold back and explained Kate and William that the time to put an end to their wild spending is now.

Smith represents over 5,000 paying members and about 35,000 online supporters of the well-known organization Republic.

Launched in 1983, Republic exists with the sole goal to put an end to the United Kingdom’s monarchy and replace it with a republic via a referendum when Queen Elizabeth II can no longer serve.

The British republican pressure group slammed the senior royal members for having hard-working British citizens pay $439mil or £345mil per year to keep the monarchy running smoothly.

Smith, who is advocating for a radical change, explained: “The monarchy in general costs a lot more than the royal household admits to. It is about £345million from the taxpayer every year, and it needs to be stripped right back. We do not owe Prince William and Kate an income, and we do not owe them a role, we don’t owe them anything. They can go off and do their own thing.”

He did not only go after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; he also demanded that the Queen’s salary be the same as that of the British prime minister.

Mr. Smith claimed: “The monarchy is there to give us one person, and that is the head of state, the Queen.The Queen should, therefore, be on an annual salary similar to that of the Prime Minister. The costs should be stripped away so that we can save that £345million and just provided us with a head of state who is supported by a small office.”

Smith also called out Kate Middleton and Prince William for spending £15,000 or $19,000 on a massive 950ft hedge for “privacy purposes.”

Smith had the following to say: “It is typical of the royals to spend this type of money because all they think about is their own lifestyles. They have a deep-seated sense of entitlement.”

He concluded by: “So this is typical of more of their spending. This is public money, and this is an outrageous use of public money, 15,000 is more than people earn in a year. They ought to accept the fact they have a really privileged life and not keep spending public money.”

Money has always been a touchy subject for some in the British monarchy.


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