Leaked Videos Of Beyoncé And Jay-Z Anger American Fans For This Reason

Beyonce Jay Z European Vacation Drama

While most of the world is still in lockdown and travel is heavily restricted in many countries, it seems like some celebrities can use their high-profile status and large bank accounts to get around those problems.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been enjoying a lot of time off amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, while millions of angry Americans were forced to cancel their summer vacation in European nations.

The power couple has managed to take a fancy cruise on a multi-million dollar yacht to Croatia with their family.

The famous clan stayed on Lana, a 350-foot-long yacht that allegedly costs about $2 million per week to lease. Thanks to her musical career and business ventures, Beyoncé’s net worth is estimated to be $400 million. Meanwhile, Forbes states that the rapper-turned-mogul has a net worth of $1 billion, so they can afford the cruise.

The revelation of the artists bypassing the COVID-19 travel restrictions for the lavish vacation drew mixed responses from their fans.

Some were quick to point out that the two were likely not endangering anyone by traveling on their own and with restrictions in place, but others were not so fond of the way the pair flaunted their wealth.

A common opinion going around is that at the least, it is not fair to their fans who do not have any options for traveling right now.

It is also worth noting that the two have reportedly submitted negative Coronavirus tests, which was part of the requirements for them to be allowed to travel in the first place.

It is not yet clear if they would be required to continue testing themselves on a regular basis, or if that was a one-time requirement for each trip.

As can be expected, the two celebrities have not made any comments on the trip, although they have also not made any attempts to hide what they were doing either, for several videos have surfaced online showing them having a good time in the European country.

And to be fair to them, they are not the only ones enjoying this kind of privilege, while millions were forced to cancel their vacations because of the restrictions put in place by President Donald Trump and many European leaders.

The music superstars are living their best lives at the moment. After the Europen trip, which coincided with Queen Bey’s birthday, they were spotted at a restaurant with her sister, Solange.


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