New Pictures Show That LeBron James Is Living His Best Life, But Critics Are Blasting Him For These Reasons

LeBron James Katharine Hepburn New Estate

It looks like LeBron James has been doing quite well for himself lately, as the basketball legend has decided to invest in another piece of real estate.

This time, the purchase came to the tune of nearly $40 million, and Katharine Hepburn previously occupied the huge mansion during the height of her career.

Located in Beverly Hills, it is quite a fancy place according to reports and publicly available information. The property sits on a 2.5-acre lot and features several buildings.

According to Variety, the mansion features a stunning living room with vaulted ceilings and a world-class dining room set under a huge skylight.

LeBron James Buys Katharine Hepburn Estate

The home also includes an elegant theatrical screening room and “multiple al fresco dining and entertaining areas, and a lighted tennis court with viewing pavilion,” according to Variety.

There are also a lavish swimming pool and an adjoined pool house. The home was previously owned by The Young And the Restless creators — William Brent Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, who purchased it for $2.9 million in 1986.

However, it is not clear what LeBron plans to do with his new $36.8 million property for the time being — he now owns three mansions in California.

He has not made any announcements of moving, and some of his fans have been questioning his plans for the near future.

According to reports, the deal has been in the works for some time now, and the main motivation behind the star’s purchase has been the desire to own a home with more history behind it.

It is not clear if he was prompted by anything else regarding the mansion, but James has been known for being somewhat secretive about such private affairs, so it is not highly surprising that fans and foes will not know more.

At the very least, though, if he decides to live there soon, James, who is still celebrating his NBA victory with the LA Lakers, will get plenty of opportunities to stay in good shape, as the place is well equipped with all sorts of sporting setups.

James, who supports the advancement of African Americans and has been silent about China, is getting bashed by some for purchasing the expensive home.

LeBron James Purchases Katharine Hepburn Estate

A critic lashed out and said: “And yet he can only disparage the country that made it possible for a kid with talent to succeed in sports, no matter his color or in his case his stupidity. Like a good leftist, nothing will make him happy. He has a need to provoke, condemn, and trash many of the people that were his fans.”

Another social media user wrote: “He doesn’t deserve to be in that house. Probably a gift from his Chinese overlords.”

James recently made headlines thanks to his 6-year-old daughter who is now a homeowner. The basketball legend posted a video where he showed off Zhuri‘s new stunning mini-mansion situated in the backyard of the family’s mansion in Los Angeles.


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