Don Johnson And Wife Kelley Phleger Look Amazing In Rare Photo That Has Fans Melting

Don Johnson Wife Kelley Phleger Lakers Photo Rare

Don Johnson is not the most active person on social media, especially compared to other celebrities of his rank, so anytime he decides to share something new, it typically draws a lot of attention from his millions of passionate fans.

The former Miami Vice actor recently posted a picture of himself and his wife, Kelley Phleger, together at their home, apparently celebrating the performance of the Lakers in the NBA finals.

The happy couple wore Lakers’ jerseys as they flashed huge smiles at the camera. It seems like the two are doing well in this situation and have not been affected too heavily by the pandemic like some other celebrities have.

Johnson typically tries to maintain his distance from social media and does not seem to enjoy sharing too much about his life, but he still tries to maintain some active presence with his fans despite that.

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And it should come as no surprise that all of his posts end up enjoying a lot of attention and draw a lot of comments and other responses.

Many of Johnson’s fans have posted positive comments, pointing out how happy the two looked together and the fact that he is still very handsome.

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A social media jokingly said he was backing the wrong team and added: “But you were once in the 305 🌮🌞.. you should be cheering on.”

This supporter of the legendary star had this to share: “Hi good looking. I think I’m going to start watching Miami Vice from the beginning having flashbacks in the 80s Good Times!😃”

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Kinda says it all…

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Johnson received this kind message: “A great actor, a great name in cinema, extraordinary exudes of skill and then a lot of beauty stuff. I remember this smile from my childhood – Miami Vice. 😘 from Poland.”

It does indeed seem like they are more cheerful than fans ever seen them, which is hopefully a good indication of how their relationship is going.

There have been no negative rumors on that front, in any case, leading many of their fans to believe that the two have nothing to complain about at the moment.

Their relationship has been going strong for nearly three decades now, making it one of the strongest in the world of celebrities nowadays.

A source told Closer this last year: “He’s a doting, involved dad. Nothing makes him happier than when his whole brood is together.”

The person continued: “They want their time together with their family to be sacred. They live a charmed life.”

At 70, Johnson is a loving father of five enjoying life with his wife.


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