Kylie Jenner Gets A Look From Travis Scott In Steamy Photos That Fan Say Scream Baby Number 2

Kylie Jenner Back With Travis Scott Baby Number Two

Kylie Jenner sure knows how to keep her fans on their toes. This weekend, Jenner turned on the heat by sharing a picture with Travis Scott that made her followers say she is pregnant with her second child, or it will happen soon.

The curvy reality TV star opted for a sheer dress by Givenchy and covered her modesty with a peculiar leather jacket.

Scott wore leather pants and no shirt to show off his killer abs. The famous rapper from Texas did his infamous signature pose of having his head down to avoid looking at the camera.

The pair split a few months ago, and sources claimed at the time that Jenner felt that she was too young to settle down with the MC.

It was revealed back then that the billionaire wanted to explore her options with other men. Stormi Webster‘s parents have millions of backers who rushed in the comment section to say that they are back together.

Others say that she would be pregnant with baby number 2 in no time. A supporter stated: “Omg!!! Are they back together or wtf is happening. Travis looking like he wants Stormi number 2. 😂”

This social media user, who is happy the power couple made their reconciliation official, said: “Always got the vibe that they were always together but kept it lowkey bc the media be tripping majority of the time. What people do not know won’t hurt them.”

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A fan, who thinks that there will be a baby on the way soon, revealed: “Is it me or these two look like to be going make a baby after these photos?”

The power couple was told to ignore the critics. This woman shared: “Guys, be ready for all the love and hate comments from ppl who are bored with their own life’ ss and think they know what is best for you. Always remember that there is no real love if there is no real forgiveness!! You will hear ppl, and probably some friends say Travis deserves better Kylie for the streets, doesn’t respect him, or Kylie deserves better Travis smokes, has his head down, etc. MY DEARS STOP LISTENING TO A WORLD FULL OF CONFUSED PPL, work on each other, and stay true!!”

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peachy glam 🍑

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A source spoke to Us Week and explained that Jenner is in a great place in her life and added: “Kylie is at a place in her life where she’s having fun and is not worried about what her future romantic relationship with Travis looks like. They love spending time together and parenting Stormi.”

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never settle. 🤎

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The insider also insisted: “Kylie and Travis are co-parenting amazingly right now and love spending time together with Stormi and making her happy. Travis is a hands-on, super-engaged dad and always wants to make Stormi smile. She is such a happy child.”

Jenner has always been a free spirit.


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