Beyoncé And Daughter Rumi Carter Steal The Spotlight In Leaked Video From Family Gathering

Beyonce Nephew Daniel Julez Smith Solange

In a rare video, Beyoncé gave a glimpse into her family life as she celebrated the 16th birthday of her nephew, Daniel Julez Smith.

The leaked video featured Solange‘s only child wearing a basketball jersey standing in front of his simple birthday cake surrounded by his cousins.

The home is decorated for the occasion and a birthday song played in the background.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s daughters, Blue Ivy Carter, 8, and Rumi Carter, 3, and several other children are standing next to him.

Rumi stole the spotlight as she happily and rapidly removed all the candles from the cake because she was ready to eat the delicious pastry.

As her daughter gave signals for the cake to be cut, Beyoncé could be heard requesting a picture with Julez along with the birthday cake.

Beyoncé shouted: “I wanted to get a picture of Julez by the cake with the camera.”

A person responded and asked if she wanted the candles on the cake or not.

Julez’s dad, Daniel Smith, who was present at the family gathering, shared a few loving words with his son.

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5:55 my time @steve_franchise3

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Some fans were thrilled to see little Rumi being like any child in a rush to eat delicious cake. Others applauded Beyoncé for going in a full aunty mode and pleading to get a photo with her.

The supporter of the diva shared this interesting observation: “It’s Rumi for me talking bout move lmaooo, yes! real aunty, like uh this is about my nephew rn idgaf bout no other kids, not even mine lol I love this so much.”

This social media user had this sweet reaction to the funny moment: “She said y’all need to let her get a pic of titi’s baby by himself with his cake 😒😂 And y’all better not cut his name either 😭.”

This supporter went down memory lane to say the following: “Solange is his mom, Bey, his auntie and his uncle is Jay Z but look at his cake. They’re whole family is humble🙏🏾Everybody cleans the room; Bey needs a picture of Julez!! Now!! I feel so old. I remember Solange at the video showing her belly.😩”

Queen Bey knows how to party and when she does it, she does big. According to reports, the pop music legend was adamant that the birthday party had to take place at her $88 million Bel Air mansion. Hosting the gathering was very important for her.

Beyoncé is also celebrating the second Ivy Park collection on October 30th.


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