Dr. Dre’s Wife, Nicole Young’s Losing Streak Continues As Rapper’s Alleged Mistress Taunts Her

Nicole Young Dr. Dre Alleged Mistress Crystal Rogers Sierra

Another day, another bitter court battle between Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young.

This week, Nicole received another hit in her lengthy and complicated fight to put her hands on Dr. Dre’s billion-dollar empire.

The estranged spouse of the music mogul had made a long list of requests. Her team of lawyers demanded that the rapper turn over a ton of confidential documents about his finances.

Nicole wanted the judge to sanction the mega-producer, whom she accused of intentionally holding back information.

She also went after him because he refused to sit for an in-person deposition due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge shut down a majority of Nicole’s wild demands, allowing her only to obtain some of the documents but denied her other requests.

The order from the judge read: “The Court further finds the imposition of sanctions, at this stage, and given the events here, is deemed unwarranted.”

According to a recent photo, Nicole is being taunted by one of the women she put on blast.

It seems like one of Dr. Dre’s supposed lovers, Crystal Rogers, who is mostly known as Crystal Sierra, celebrated Halloween in an unusual and controversial manner.

The alleged paramour of the famous record producer and rapper recently made a lot of headlines after her name was mentioned numerous times in connection to the ongoing divorce procedures of Dr. Dre and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Nicole.

However, it appears that Crystal is not bothered at all by the accusations that she was the reason for Dr. Dre’s failed marriage, as the diva updated her Instagram account with a new video clip, which showed her pretending to be the devil.

In the footage, Crystal’s face is almost unrecognizable as she used a filter, which added horns to her head and imitated flames surrounding her face.

In addition, Crystal also tried to sound like an evil villain in the clip, as she could be heard speaking theatrically in a changed voice to her followers: “Thou shall not be so evil. I mean you know my power. You always know my beauty. Stop it, little evil naughty boys and girls.”

Crystal was first linked to Dr. Dre when Nicole attempted to summon her in court along with two other alleged mistresses of the rapper amid their nasty divorce battle.

Apparently, the hip-hop mogul’s longtime partner was convinced that he was being unfaithful to her not only with Crystal but also with singer Jillian Speer and Kili Anderson and tried to summon the three women in court as potential witnesses.


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