Alabama Man Gets 615 Years In Prison For Sexually Abusing 5 Girls — He Is Now Remorseful

Raven Smith 615 Years In Prison For Molesting 5 Girls

A man from Alabama named Raven Smith, 35, has been convicted of sexually abusing five underage girls, receiving a cumulative sentence of over 600 years for his crimes.

The precise length of the sentence is 615 years, according to reports, and it was primarily influenced by the testimony of the mother of one of the girls affected by the abuse.

The woman was reportedly surprised that she had managed to have such an impact on the proceedings and Houston County Circuit Judge Todd Derrick.

She stated: “I can’t believe what I said meant that much to a judge to punish this man the way I wanted him to be (punished). I don’t want them to be afraid anymore. I want them to know he’s in jail and can’t ever hurt them or anyone else.”

An emotional District Attorney J.T. Jones, who also played a considerable role in the outcome of the case, explained: “When you deal with cases that involve children, particularly young children, it’s going to hit your heartstrings every time. You get to know them [the victims], and you feel the pain they go through.”

The man still wanted to apologize to his victims in court, although that did not seem to change his situation much.

He was charged with several crimes, including rape and sodomy. All of his victims were reportedly under the age of 16 at the time the crimes against them took place.

There are reportedly other girls out there who have also been affected by the man’s actions but were too afraid to step forward.

However, these allegations have not been confirmed yet. In any case, it looks like Smith will not get any more chances to abuse little girls for the next six centuries.

It is not clear if the man is going to receive special protective conditions in prison, given the nature of his sentence.

Many have spoken out harshly against his actions, condemning the man and pointing out that the sentence, while it might initially seem severe, is well deserved.

The alleged abuser was very apologetic in court and seemed genuinely remorseful for his actions, but at this point, it looks like his remorse might be coming in a little too late to do him any good.


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