Salma Hayek Bares It All In Photos That Have Fans Saying Her Natural Curvy Body Is Perfect

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Salma Hayek is one of these celebrities who do not have any qualms about showing off their true selves, the image that lies beneath all the filters and makeup.

At the age of 53, Hayek decided to bare it all, and she went makeup-free for a picture in a tiny bikini, that was taken during a swimming session in a stunning pool.

And as expected, the Like a Boss star’s natural beauty immediately prompted many responses from her adoring fans, with some praising her for her bravery, while others pointed out how young she looked without foundation, lipstick, and fake eyelashes.

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It is far from the first time that fans have seen the Frida actress making such a brave display. Hayek has made it clear that she does not mind the occasional negative comment as she is quite confident in her stunning and curvy body.

However, even then, she does not have much to worry about, as those comments have been a rarity in general. Entirely, on the contrary, supporters flooded her Instagram page with sweet messages like the one below: “I love that you post REAL natural photos, refreshing to not see photoshopped perfection. Thank you ❤️😘.”

This male Instagrammer forgot that the actress is married to French billionaire François-Henri Pinault and penned this note: “53 fine as can be! 😂You have the prettiest feet on the planet Salma I could kiss them all night long and spoil.”

The filmmaker also got an uplifting comment that read: “You seriously are the most beautiful woman ever!❤️😍🔥😘Careful young lady, you’ll break the internet!”

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The only negativity seems to stem from a few particular users who have been trying to accuse Hayek of relying on body modifications in order to achieve her looks, specifically naming botox.

A critic told her: “Too much Botox :(. Not needed, Salma!”

However, it does not seem like Hayek has any intention of letting these words get to her, as she has been keeping her head high all throughout this, and has continued to engage her fans in the public space as much as possible.

Hayek responded by: “I don’t have Botox, But thank you for the advice because I thought maybe it’s time.”

The actress seems adamant that she is mostly natural. Fans will continue to uplift her with kindness and support, while doubters will probably remain skeptical of her claims.


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