Queen Elizabeth Is Holding This Secret From The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth Prince Andrew Charles As King

It seems that everyone is aware that Queen Elizabeth II has a favorite child — Prince Andrew — and she will go the extra mile to rescue him from himself and make him happy, including having a secret heart-to-heart.

This year, Prince Andrew suffered a fall from grace because of his disturbing ties to late businessman Jeffrey Epstein.

The unbreakable and sometimes unlogical bond between Her Majesty and her son might spell trouble for the future King of England — Prince Charles.

According to reliable royal sources, recently, a scandal-stricken prince was spotted on his way to a secret meeting with his mother.

It appears that the mother and son did not invite other royal family members to the confidential tête-à-tête.

In the late hours of the night, the Queen, 94, privately met with Prince Andrew, who is doing all he can to have a royal comeback.

An insider revealed to The Sun: “This looked like a deliberate attempt not to be seen.”

Andrew was forced to step down from senior royal duties last November in order not to humiliate the rest of the royal family further.

While the disgraced prince has The Queen’s full attention, Prince Charles and Prince William do not want him in the spotlight.

The royal source added: “Whatever [Andrew] may think his future looks like, he sho, and hebe under no illusion that view is not shared by the people who actually make the decisions within the family.”

Unlike Queen Elizabeth, Charles and William have zero sympathies for Andrew.

The source went on to share: “There is no way of him ever returning to front-line duties, and he will remain very much on the outside.”

While Andrew is trying to get on his mother’s good side, he is also dragging down his brother, Charles, in the deep end of the mud.

Insiders claimed that Prince Andrew has been repeating to his mother that Prince Charles should not be the King.

According to royal experts from TheTalko: “He’s apparently been very vocal with the Queen about this. What he’s even more upset about is the slimming of the succession for the crown.”

They added: “Prince Charles has eliminated his siblings from being next in line for the crown. Now, the new rules make Prince Charles’ family the frontrunners when it comes to becoming King and Queen.”

The Prince is accused of sleeping with then-17-year-old Virginia Giuffre. Andrew has vehemently denied the allegations.


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