Melania Trump And Her Son, Barron, Go Viral Because Of This Video

Barron Donald Trump Melania White House Exit Video

A three-second clip of Melania Trump ignoring press attention as she landed with her husband, former President Donald Trump, in Florida this week has gone viral.

Social media users are making the video into various memes and speculating that the couple will soon divorce.

Melania Trump’s son, Barron Trump, is also making headlines — but through no fault of his own.

The former President and First Lady broke tradition when they refused to attend the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday, and they opted to leave the White House early in the morning and travel on Air Force One to Palm Beach.

50-year-old Melania Trump boarded the plane in a black outfit with Christian Louboutin heels and descended the stairs on arrival a few hours later in a completely new look — an eye-catching Gucci dress worth almost $4,000 paired with navy ballerina flats.

Melania President Donald Trump Palm Beach Florida

When they walked across the runway to get into a private SUV, Donald Trump stopped to pose for the cameras, waving for supporters and smiling as he enjoyed the attention.

On the other hand, Melania Trump did not even slow down for the paparazzi and official reporters on the ground, glancing over at them before continuing her stride and walking straight past her husband and the cameras.

Social media users were quick to share the hilarious video across the Internet, with many saying that she looked like she was “done” with life in the public eye and life with Donald Trump.

One said she looked like she “hated her life” and “hated her husband,” while others stated that she looked as though she did not want to live as she does anymore and is “done with this nonsense.”

And many agreed with former aides of Melania Trump, who have already speculated she will file for divorce now the Trump presidency is over.

One person joked that she looked in a hurry because she was due to meet with a divorce lawyer.

For those backing the Trump family and claiming the video is fake, several pictures of the couple landing in Palm Beach confirmed that Melania gave a quick smile and waved to supporters, but she still did not stop en route to the car.

Melania Trump’s son also made headlines after the video emerged. Many were baffled by the fact that Barron was absent from photos and videos of the family’s early exit from Washington, D.C.

Some took to Twitter and Facebook to joke about Barron’s parents accidentally leaving him behind in the White House.

The 14-year-old boy was compared to Macaulay Culkin‘s character in the Home Alone movies.

Melania and Donald Trump were pictured without Barron as they boarded Marine One to leave the White House and later stepping on Air Force One, which brought them to Florida.

Barron was not on the tarmac with his siblings at Andrews Air Force Base either. However, PEOPLE has confirmed that the teen flew to Florida with his parents.


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