Overwhelmed Meghan Markle Still Does Not Regret Making This Revelation With The Support Of Prince Harry

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Miscarriage Aftermath

After Meghan Markle penned her emotional and honest piece revealing that she had a miscarriage, she was flooded with support from people worldwide.

Many women, who had gone through the same pain of losing an unborn child, reached out to Prince Harry‘s wife.

In the confessional op-ed that was published in The New York Times, the Duchess of Sussex opened for the very first time about the heartbreak she went through.

The former actress explained that in the summer of 2020 while holding her son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, she was struck with a sharp pain that led her to understand that her second pregnancy would not go as planned. Meghan explained that it started as an ordinary day.

She wrote: “Make breakfast. Feed the dogs. Take vitamins. Find that missing sock. Pick up the rogue crayon that rolled under the table. Throw my hair in a ponytail before getting my son from his crib.”

And this is when her life changed forever. The philanthropist continued: “After changing his diaper, I felt a sharp cramp. I dropped to the floor with him in my arms, humming a lullaby to keep us both calm, the cheerful tune a stark contrast to my sense that something was not right. I knew as I clutched my firstborn child that I was losing my second.”

A source close to Meghan spoke to Us Weekly and explained that she does not regret one bit going public with her heartbreaking revelation.

Harry and his spouse are overwhelmed after receiving an outpouring of love and support from people. The insider explained: “Meghan has no regrets whatsoever about sharing her grief. [She] is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support she’s received from the public and other women who’ve experienced the pain of losing a child.”

Another source told PEOPLE that the power couple waited to share their story because they needed time to heal and added: “They kept their miscarriage private for months because it was very painful and not anything that they knew if they would ever want to share. They both seemed shocked at how painful it was.”

A brave Meghan penned the honest essay because she wanted to reach out to other women. The insider continued: “Meghan was ready to share now because so many women go through the same thing in silence.”

The person went on to share that Harry and Meghan are doing better and made this revelation: “They are doing well. They are in good health. They took time off just to focus on family.”

Meghan has a deeper connection with her supporters after sharing her painful experience.


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