Sasha Obama Looks Stunning In Bathing Suit Photo And Debuts Tattoo — Fans Defend Her Right To Live A Normal Life And Ignore The High Standards Set By Critics

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Supporters of Sasha Obama are defending her right to live her life as a young woman after a bikini photo of the former first daughter surfaced online.

Over the weekend, a picture of Michelle and Barack Obama‘s youngest daughter appeared online. The young woman, who had gone viral before with some TikTok videos, has people talking again.

The image featured Sasha at what seems to be a pool party. The college student is wearing a pink bikini bottom, a tie-dye white and pink Jaded London crop top that revealed a small tattoo.

Malia Obama‘s 19-year-old sister wore several pieces of jewelry, including a layered waist chain.

For the gathering, Sasha had her nail in a striking blue color and had her long hair cascading on her shoulders. It looked like a fashion shoot as she stood near a By Far bag.

Fans of the Obama family showed support for Sasha against those who say she should not have such photos online.

Many point out that Sasha is living her best life and her so-called friends are the ones leaking her private pictures.

A supporter, who noticed the tattoo, shared: “Wait, is that a tattoo I see? Okkkkk!👀 I love that she’s just herself.”

This social media user had this to say about the man in the photo: “Who in the sketchy hell is that behind her ….he looks like he about to say “you Obama daughter “ 🥴😭😭😭😭😭Plot twist, the guy in back is a CIA agent.”

Sasha received some support from another fan who explained: “You know what sickening y’all feel as if she supposed to be this perfect black little girl cause her family were in the White House … she has a life of her own the hell living up to y’all standards.”

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Barack explained that Malia and Sasha, who were in college when the pandemic hit, have returned home where they all in quarantine together.

The Obama sisters have been forced like millions to take part in social distancing.

The former president shared: “Malia and Sasha have been with us almost continuously since March, with just a few breaks. Like a lot of families who are lucky enough not to have to worry about losing a job, or a family member getting sick, there are times where it’s felt claustrophobic, I’m sure, for them,”

He went on to say: “But for Michelle and me as parents, to have this bonus time where your kids are having dinner with you every night, and we’re playing games and watching movies together — there’s been a lot of joy to that,”

The retired politician also spoke about the dynamic that exists between the sisters by saying: “I think part of what’s been also wonderful is seeing Malia and Sasha become such great friends. They’ve got a three-year gap between them, and when one is 16 and the other one’s 13, there’s still that sister competition. Did you grab my halter top? Where is it? Why haven’t you returned it? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that?’”

Some observers are wondering if Sasha is going through a “fun” phase as her sister did a few years ago.


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