Prince Harry Looked Devastated In Photos After Queen Elizabeth Made This Ruthless And Petty Move

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In early November, Prince Harry was left heartbroken because of Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Harry was devastated after being denied the opportunity to have a wreath laid on his behalf at the national memorial in London on Remembrance Sunday.

The somber ceremony was attended by all members of the royal family. The Duke of Sussex had already paid for the wreath, and it was ready and waiting to be picked up by official organizers of the event.

At the time, it was claimed courtiers and palace officials were the ones who slapped down the request made by Prince Harry.

Buckingham Palace officials shared that the wreath could not be added because Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, took the decision to leave England and no longer be working members of the institution.

The couple was later photographed at their own memorial ceremony at a Los Angeles cemetery.

Rebecca English, a royal correspondent for the Daily Mail London, has revealed that Queen Elizabeth II was the one who personally decided that her grandson, Prince Harry’s wish was not granted.

According to the writer, it took a ruthless Queen Elizabeth “all of two seconds” to make Harry sad.

She wrote the following in the publication: “But, today, I can reveal it was the Queen alone who was behind the refusal — and that it took her ‘all of two seconds’ to make up her mind. ‘Remembrance Sunday is sacrosanct when it comes to Her Majesty’s diary,’ explains my source. ‘It’s one of the most important dates in her calendar, and nothing is done without her knowledge.”

English continued: “People were suggesting the Palace’s reaction to what Harry asked was petty. But it was the Queen’s decision. And what’s more, she actually had very strong views on the subject. Another source tells me: ‘While she has enormous admiration for Harry’s achievements both in and out of the military, this was seen as an example of his lack of understanding at what it means for him to be a non-working royal.”

She also added: “The Queen is very firmly of the opinion that you can’t pick and choose what you do when it comes to the institution. Either you are in — or you are out.”

A source told PEOPLE Magazine this is how Harry felt about the denial of his wish to take part in the tribute: “Harry understands that he doesn’t have the same formal role in the family as he used to. But he was saddened and disappointed by the decision.”

The Queen is intransigeant when it comes to protecting rules and traditions.


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