Erika Jayne Comments On These Photos As She Goes Through A Major Change In Her Life Amid Tom Girardi Divorce And Embezzlement Drama

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Erika Jayne is reportedly “doing well” after filing for divorce from her husband, Tom Girardi, in November last year and moving into a much smaller property in Los Angeles.

This week, the 49-year-old reality TV star was seen driving her white BMW through a KFC drive-thru before arriving at a studio, possibly to film for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Wearing a black Adidas tracksuit, Erika Jayne walked into the studio carrying her KFC order, a water bottle, and a black bag. She wore her blonde hair up in a casual bun and went without make-up.

Her tracksuit matched her black and white trainers, and she did not wear a mask as she hugged friends outside the studio.

Aware of the paparazzi photos of her grabbing KFC for dinner, Erika Jayne decided to laugh at the situation.

The 49-year-old reality star posted a glamorous photo of herself with this caption: “@kfc OR popeyeslouisianakitchen ??? Comment below 👇🏻.”

In November, Erika Jayne accused her 81-year-old husband, Tom Girardi, of having an affair with a court judge and filed for divorce.

After living with her spouse of 22 years in a $15 million mansion in Pasadena, Jayne has now moved to a smaller home valued at $1.5 million in Los Angeles.

She is reported to have been living there since last year and has made the 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom property her “own space.”

A source revealed to PEOPLE: “Erika has been living in the house for a while. She’s made it her own space and loves it. She’s doing well and is happy.”

Last month, Girardi was accused of committing fraud and embezzling money, which led to his assets being frozen.

The lawsuit stated that Girardi had become involved in fraudulent activities that included an embezzlement scheme that ripped off widows and orphans to fund the lifestyle of himself and his wife, Erika Jayne.

And recently, Tom Girardi’s brother, Robert Girardi, filed for conservatorship of his estate — making the claim that he is not in a fit state to look after himself anymore due to declining health, including short-term memory loss.

A decision will be made about the conservatorship on June 9, at which point Robert Girardi may take over his brother’s estate and decide where and how he should receive care.

Initially, some critics believe that the divorce was part of a larger scheme to save part of the huge fortune.


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