Cristhian Rivera, An Illegal Immigrant From Mexico, Confesses To Killing Missing Iowa Student Mollie Tibbetts

Mollie Tibbetts Cristhian Rivera Immigration

An illegal immigrant named Cristhian Rivera, 24, has confessed to killing Mollie Tibbetts, of Brooklyn, Iowa.

It has also been revealed that Rivera’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Iris Monarrez, was friends with Tibbetts and several of her family members.

Miss Tibbetts went missing over a month ago after she went for a nightly jog.

Rivera, who is from Mexico, told the police that the events that led to him killing the 20-year-old are blurry.

He said he remembers driving his dark Chevy Malibu on July 18 around 7.30pm and making contact with Tibbetts.

The man stated that he parked his car and tried to run with the young woman.

His unwanted advances scared Tibbetts who threatened to call the police. The Mexican claimed he panicked and took actions that he cannot recall.

He believes whatever he did after Tibbetts mentioned the word police led to the brutal murder.

According to the police report, Rivera realized that he had done something inhuman when he got back in his car and noticed blood on his lap and all over the car.

He said he was startled upon noticing one of the victim’s earphones in his car.

Rivera said he had placed the body in his trunk and rapidly drove to a cornfield where he buried her under the corn stalks.

Rivera’s chilling confession to killing the University of Iowa student led him being charged with first-degree murder. The Poweshiek County is facing life behind bars. Rivera also said that he had seen Tibbetts run in the area before.

Police did question pig farmer Wayne Cheney, and his property was searched twice after a red T-shirt was found in the area.

Cristhian Rivera Mollie Tibbetts Killer Immigration

The man had always claimed his innocence. The young woman was staying at her boyfriend, Dalton Jack‘s house the night she vanished.

Jack, his older brother, Blake Jack, and his fiancée were out of state when the murder took place. Tibbetts’ father, Rob Tibbetts, is said to be devastated by the news.

The events have also sparked a debate on a heated topic — immigration.

One person had this point of view on the matter: “That wall needs to be built. ILLEGAL immigrants, keyword ILLEGAL, are a threat to our country. They must be deported on sight if they choose to enter the country ILLEGALLY.”

Another commenter shared this as food for thought: “Tell me how many mass shootings have happened in the US by Caucasians. Kick them all out huh? Did they steal this land from the native Americans anyways? If we’re going to play fair.. right?”

Many expect President Donald Trump to turn this case into a more significant issue.


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