George Clooney Reveals The Drastic Decision He Took For Twins Alexander And Ella Not To Land In Trouble

George Clooney Wife Amal And Their Children

George Clooney has been speaking about the last year in quarantine with his wife, Amal Clooney, and their two 3-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella.

The 59-year-old actor has been married to Amal Alamuddin since 2014, and the couple keeps their relationship exciting by exchanging hand-written letters with each other every few months.

Talking about his love of letters, George Clooney revealed that he has rare hand-written letters from acting legends, including Gregory Peck.

He also said he leaves notes for his wife on her desk, and she will return the gesture by leaving one under the pillow.

The famous pair welcomed two children in June 2017, and Clooney was adamant that their new son and daughter would not be gifted “weird” names.

Alexander Amal Clooney Ella George Life In Quarantine

He believed that living under the spotlight would be “enough trouble” for his children, without them also following the celebrity trend of having “unusual” names.

He confessed: “I didn’t want, like, weird-a** names for our kids. They’re already going to have enough trouble. It’s hard being the son of somebody famous and successful.”

As a result, George and Amal Clooney settled on the names Alexander and Ella for their twins.

When he was not writing love letters to his wife during the coronavirus pandemic, George Clooney made use of the nine months he spent in quarantine by mending his children’s clothes and revamping the household furniture.

He revealed he had been sewing as a hobby since March 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic began — a skill he had learned during his single years when he repaired his own clothes.

His skills came in useful when Amal ripped her dress, and he mended it, Clooney said. The iconic movie star told the February/March issue of AARP The Magazine: “I do a lot of sewing the kids’ clothes. And my wife’s dress that tore a couple of times. I was a bachelor for a long time and didn’t have any money, and you have to learn how to repair things.”

Speaking about his practical life skills, George Clooney bragged that all of his friends would pick him if they were alone on an island — and joked that he would even pick himself if he could.

Despite keeping busy at home, Clooney still found time to direct and star in The Midnight Sky, a new sci-fi movie released in December via Netflix.

While critics thought the film was pretty decent, movie fans did not feel the same way.


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