Kim Kardashian Shares New Bikini Photos That Leave Fans Confused About Her Divorce From Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Kanye West YEEZY Shoes Vacation Photos

Kim Kardashian shared two photos to her Instagram account this week, attracting thousands of comments from her adoring fans and gaining more than a million likes within the hour.

In the photos, the 40-year-old model and influencer poses against a backdrop of palm trees and blue skies in Turks and Caicos, wearing a brown two-piece swimsuit and a pair of Yeezys while sitting on the edge of a stone balcony.

Kim Kardashian and her sisters — Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner — spent time in Turks and Caicos, joined by some of their children, including Kim’s daughter, North West, and Kylie’s daughter, Stormi Webster.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the group has continued traveling to luxurious destinations and spent the weekend at a huge mansion overlooking the ocean.

One of the photos shared by Kim Kardashian West shows her looking at the camera while posing in the sunshine, wearing a silk scarf around her head and a pair of large sunglasses.

She is wearing natural makeup, and her long black hair falls down her back. The second picture is of Kanye West‘s wife looking away as she enjoys the gorgeous view of Turks and Caicos — a destination she visited in August 2020 for sister Kylie’s birthday.

On Saturday, Kim and other Kardashian-Jenner family members were seen on a boat trip together and enjoying time on the beach.

Kim Kardashian is currently in talks with divorce attorney Laura Wasser to agree a “fair deal” on how to split the assets shared with her husband, Kanye West.

A source claims she is working on an “exit plan” which will be in the best interests of her “whole family.”

Meanwhile, Kanye West believes Los Angeles is “fake” and has moved out of the area.

He hopes to raise the four children he shares with Kim outside of LA, but a source said it would be difficult to imagine Kim agreeing to the plan.

However, the fact that Kardashian decided to promote Kanye West’s eccentric shoes has fans talking about their divorce status.

A supporter pointed out: “She still wears the yeezy. I have a feeling they just want a break from each other.”

One fan had this question for the reality TV star: “Still got the yeezys on, 👀are you guys back together? 😻😻😻”

Another noted: “Wait, she still got the yeezys tho. alsò her wedding ring. Am I the only one wondering if they’re back together bc of the ring and yeezys?? 🕵🏻🤷🏻‍♀️”

It would not shock the world if those two got back together.


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