Miley Cyrus’s Fans Expect Her To Wear Nothing But Underwear At Her Super Bowl Show Because Of These New Videos

Miley Cyrus Super Bowl Performance TikTok Tailgate

Miley Cyrus gave fans a glimpse of what they can enjoy on Sunday as she promoted her upcoming Super Bowl show by power-posing in front of a mirror wearing a crop top and underwear.

The short video clip was posted on Tuesday, showing 28-year-old Miley Cyrus flexing her muscles while turning around and posing in front of a full-length mirror.

She wore a pair of black briefs and a halter neck crop top in black with eye-catching shiny pink detailing.

Miley is first seen facing the mirror, where her reflection can also be seen by viewers thanks to the strategic camera angle.

She smiles and flexes her muscles before striking a power pose then turning around, giving fans a different view of her toned body in the mirror behind.

The video clip soon gathered millions of views from her 122 million Instagram followers.

The post was captioned in capital letters, “MILEY: FOR THE WIN,” as the singer took an opportunity to advertise her upcoming “TikTok Tailgate” show due to air on TikTok and CBS at 2:30 PM ET before the Super Bowl LV this Sunday.

Many of the diva’s fans jumped in the comment section to say they are eager to watch her perform — if possible, wearing very little clothing.

One follower made this remark: “Can’t believe that you’re gonna make me watch sports.”

Another commenter had the following to say: “So we’re performing in our underwear again. Lawd. I still love you. But we like clothes on you lol.”

Earlier the same day, Miley Cyrus also shared another short video clip where she is singing on a stage with a live band.

The 55th Super Bowl will see the Buccaneers play against the Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium in Florida’s Tampa Bay, Florida.

Thousands of healthcare workers have been invited to attend Super Bowl LV and will be among the 22,000 people allowed in the stadium this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Super Bowl games are normally held in stadiums with a minimum capacity of 70,000.

The 7,500 healthcare workers — who have all received COVID-19 vaccinations — have also been invited to attend Miley’s TikTok Tailgate show before the game.

Set to take place on February 7, Super Bowl LV will be headlined by The Weeknd, Eric Church, and Jazmine Sullivan will perform the American national anthem.

Miley will remain true to her brand, regardless of her environment, and her supporters love her for this.


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