Marilyn Manson Accused Of Body-Shaming Lana Del Rey In Leaked Photos And Private Messages

Lana Del Rey Marilyn Manson Lasagna Remark Annie Abrams

Marilyn Manson has allegedly body-shamed singer Lana Del Rey in private messages to another person after being caught on camera by paparazzi.

In leaked messages from a person named Annie Abrams — who has openly accused Marilyn Manson of abuse on her Instagram page — the 52-year-old metal singer appeared to make random and unprovoked comments about Lana Del Rey’s body.

Manson allegedly shared a photo of Lana Del Rey, which paparazzi had snapped while she was walking outside.

In the image, Del Rey appears to have gained weight over the last several months while in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Social media users began to comment on the picture when it surfaced, with many saying Lana Del Rey still looked good.

However, the messages which Annie Abrams claims are from Marilyn Manson refer to Del Rey as “Lasagna Del Rey,” prefaced by a comment which reads “not body shaming, or whatever,” as the sender goes on to make body-shaming remarks.

The text messages label the picture of Lana Del Rey as “f-ing crazy” before the sender claims they have a “personal relationship” with Del Rey and that a “good friend” was dating her.

A fan defended Lana Del Rey with this comment that read: “How dare he talk about Lana 😡 as someone who was a huge fan I feel horrible that I didn’t put two and two together in terms of him and ERW because he’s really subbed her so many times now that it’s all out there.”

Manson then allegedly called the 35-year-old singer “really complicated.” This supporter of the diva explained: “Clearly, Manson hasn’t looked at his own body for a while. He is in no place to call someone fat. All that black he wears does not hide his gut and love handles.”

The allegations are among the latest in a series of recent claims against Manson — real name Brian Warner — after ex-partners came forward with their accounts of physical and emotional abuse, racism, and violent threats.

In response to the claims, Manson has labeled them “distortions of reality,” saying that all his relationships have been “consensual” and with “like-minded partners.”

Annie Abrams, who shared the screenshots on social media, alleges that she was abused by Manson and labeled him a “master manipulator.”

Abrams claimed Manson had bragged about “deepfakes” and allegedly said he would take anything that might destroy his career and make it look like a deepfake.


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