January Jones Forced To Address Plastic Surgery Accusation After This Very Sexy Photo Goes Viral

January Jones Target Outfit Run Plastic Surgery

January Jones has taken to Instagram to jokingly ask followers for advice over her outfit choice, which included an unzipped leather brown jacket with no top underneath.

The 43-year-old Mad Men actress posted a selfie to her Instagram feed on Monday telling more than a million followers she is “so out of practice” with her clothing choices after being in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

January Jones then jokingly asked for advice on her outfit choice of black sweatpants, an unzipped leather brown jacket, and a gold necklace, questioning if someone could wear the combination “as an outfit.”

In the stunning photo posted by the actress, January Jones looked glamorous as ever as she covered her face with her sleek blonde bob cut, standing in a large bathroom with a standalone bathtub and a large shower cubicle visible behind her.

Jones asked her followers for their opinion about whether her outfit “felt more like date night or Target run” and asked if it would be a “sufficient” outfit if she also wore shoes and zipped up her jacket.

Her question provoked a mixed response from fans, with some suggesting it was more appropriate for a workout and others telling her it was an acceptable outfit for any occasion.

Some suggested January Jones combine her ideas and have a “date night at Target.”

Several fans revealed that they are obsessed with January Jones’s perky breasts that defy gravity.

One woman said: “Can I have your boobs? K, thanks! Byeeeeee.” Another person asked for the secret: “I just want the secret to how to get my boobs to look this good lol.”

A critic brought up plastic surgery by writing: “It’s called SURGERY after giving birth you dope.”

Jones was quick to let fans know that her boobs are natural. She responded by: “They naturally do that. Have only genes to thank for them. I’m sure they will flop at some point don’t worry.”

The day before, Jones shared with her Instagram followers the news that she would get her vaccine for COVID-19.

She shared a video of herself dancing while a fluffy dog was seen walking around her. Jones captioned the post to say she had been in quarantine “exactly one year” — an experience which had “brought out the best and worst [of her]… in many ways.”

The talented actress was able to showcase different sides of her personality thanks to social media.


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