Eric Braeden Makes Surprising Revelation About ‘The Young And The Restless’ As Photo With Co-Star Eileen Davidson Heats Up Social Media

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Eric Braeden certainly knows how to make hard work look effortless. This week, the TV legend and The Young and the Restless star took to social media where he shared a stunning photo on the set of the hit soap opera.

Braeden, who portrays the role of tycoon Victor Newman on the show, posed next to co-star Eileen Davidson who plays the role of Ashley Abbott on the CBS daytime drama.

Braeden, 79, looked elegant as ever in a suit with a tie, while the stunning Davidson opted for a greyish sheath dress.

Via the caption, Braeden shocked his millions of adoring fans by revealing his grueling work schedule and ethic.

Speaking about the script that he and Davidson film each day for The Young and the Restless, he shared: “With EILEEN BETWEEN SCENES! BTW, we did 110 pages on Thursday and filmed another 100 pages on FRIDAY! That takes an extraordinarily disciplined group of actors & crew! For a comparison, the average film shoots ca 2-3 pages & nighttime tv between 8-12 pages!”

Fans of the soap were in awe and applauded the legendary actor for the amount of work he puts in every day.

A TV viewer shared her gratitude: “I have to say all the actors are professional also the crew. I love the way the actors are dressed & the sets, must take a lot of hard work too behind the scenes. I love the show…By the way, you’re one handsome man you have not aged at all since the first time I watched the show.”

This follower wrote: “I definitely admire all the soap actors because everyone I’ve ever heard from a soap always says there’s so much to do in a day’s time and so many lines to memorize; it’s amazing, really.”

Braeden responded: “Yup, that’s the difficulty, to make it look effortless while you are trying hard to remember the damned dialogue, hahahahaha!”

Like many shows, Y&R halted production because of the novel coronavirus pandemic in the spring and aired reruns.

In the summer, with many safety rules and protocols in place, the actors started filming new episodes again.

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Working it off! And tonight one more piece of pumpkin pie!

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Braeden expressed his joy of getting back to work in the COVID-19 era: “I think the role of entertainment is becoming more apparently important now than ever before. What do people do at home? They watch shows, they watch old shows, they watch reruns, they watch old sports shows. I think the need for entertainment is even greater now. I mean, what do people do otherwise?”

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To my friends all over the world! Cheers!!

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He went on to say: “It’s an escape, let’s be very honest. The need for entertainment is very strong. I don’t think there is going to be any diminishing of that when we rebound and when we start producing again. Look at the success of Netflix right now. It’s extraordinary. The need for entertainment will always be there. These are moments when people suspend their own self-reflection, their own self-criticism for a moment, and they just watch someone else. That will always be there. What form of production it takes, that’s a different story.”

Fans are eager to enjoy the result of Braeden’s hard work.


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