Cardi B And Megan Thee Stallion Post Very Opposite Instagram Photos — One Goes Classy While The Other Reveals It All

Cardi B Megan Thee Stallion Grammy Performance

Cardi B shared a stylish photo to her Instagram feed this week to take on her critics.

The diva took to social media just three days after causing major controversy over her sexy and spicy performance at the Grammy Awards with fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion… who shared a much different photo the same day.

Cardi B, 28, surprised her fans by posting a photo wearing a chic Chanel crop top and a striped mini skirt.

She wore white stiletto heels, the same color as her crop top, and held a blue designer bag out to one side with a gold strap that matched her chunky gold bracelet.

In the caption for the post, where she posed outdoors against a backdrop of greenery, Cardi B wrote, “I’m skinny today.”

The femcee, who never backs down from a fight, was going after those who claimed that she gained weight after seeing her body in her heavy metal costume.

Fans were quick to show Cardi B huge love in the comment section.

A social media user made this remark: “Skinny even when you think you ain’t.I know why u was dancing like that I was telling them haters yo outfit was heavy.”

A person, who approved of the classy look, said this: “Is it just me or does Chanel hit different than any other brand on her🔥❤️😍This is A class 👑 of fashion in a league of your own, so all they can do is talk to you nice.”

The same day Cardi B shared the fashionable post to her 86 million Instagram followers, Megan Thee Stallion shared a much racier snap to the social media platform.

She posed almost naked, wearing a shimmering thong and a headpiece dripping with Swarovski crystals and gems.

The 26-year-old rapper referenced her hit single “HotGirl” in the caption, saying that she could not wait for summer.

On Sunday, the two women shocked viewers with their raunchy performance of “WAP,” one of the biggest hits of last year.

They danced, twerked, and grinded against each other on a large bed after Cardi B had been dancing seductively on a pole.

There were multiple reports during and after, including from a group campaigning against porn who said it glamorized stripping and prostitution.

Despite the backlash, Cardi B has defended her hit song in public several times, claiming that those who are bothered by “WAP” are “usually conservative or really religious.”

“WAP” was not nominated for a Grammy Award this year, in spite of its recent success.

Instead, Cardi B and Atlantic Records decided to hold back until next year, when it will be submitted as part of the full album.


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