Catherine Zeta-Jones Has A Lot To Say About Hot Tub Pictures With Michael Douglas And Her Biggest Dream

Catherine Zeta Jones Love Of Desserts

Catherine Zeta-Jones has spoken about her dream of eating nothing but desserts and revealed that she would never post pictures of herself with her husband, Michael Douglas “in the hot tub.”

The 51-year-old actress has a figure many can only dream of, and she has recently revealed she does not indulge in desserts and sweet treats, opting for “real food” instead.

Her diet of whole foods explains how she manages to stay looking so good and has kept her svelte figure over the years.

And in an interview, Catherine Zeta-Jones revealed that she would love to eat nothing but desserts all day, saying it was a “goal” for when she is “really old.”

She went on to say that she will start taking a “lot of vitamins” so she can eat just desserts, wrongly suggesting that this would create a balance as she “gorged on sweets” in her old age.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, she said: “When I get really old, I’m going to start taking a lot of vitamins because I only want to be able to eat dessert for the rest of my life. I only actually eat real food because I have to right now. My dream is to only eat desserts, ever. It’s a goal.”

She has been married to Michael Douglas, 76, since 2000, and the couple shares two children — 20-year-old Dylan and 17-year-old Carys.

Zeta-Jones previously spoke about the secret to their long and happy marriage, saying they have a lot of fun together.

However, despite their successful married life, she is less inclined to share photographs of herself and her husband “in the hot tub” on social media and spoke about her preference to live a private life.

Known as “Cath” at home most of the time, the Academy Award-winning actress said she is often found curling up on the couch with her family.

She said that not everyone knows “Cath,” but “that’s OK” as it allows her to maintain her privacy despite the level of fame she has achieved in recent decades.

She confessed: “I’m not always Catherine Zeta-Jones. Most of the time, I’m just Cath. Cath is the woman who is curled up on the couch with her family. Not everyone knows her, and that’s OK. I’m a very private person. I want to be a private person, and I like to have a private life. I’m just not that person you’re going to see posting my bathroom breaks and photos with my husband in the hot tub on social media.”

Zeta-Jones is currently starring in the TV series Prodigal Son alongside co-star Michael Sheen.


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