Eva Longoria Stuns In Swimsuit Photo And Reveals Why She Was Pushed Into Playing The Role Of A White Male With Privilege

Eva Longoria Women Leadership Bikini Photo

Eva Longoria posted a photo to Instagram this week wearing a stunning white bikini which showed off her gym-honed figure.

The actress shared a video of herself working out on an outdoor trampoline, and the following day she showed off the results of her continued fitness efforts with a swimsuit snap.

The 46-year-old actress sat in the shade on a set of stone steps underneath a large archway, her dark hair flowing to one side as she looked to be wearing very little or no makeup to reveal her natural beauty.

She sported a matching pink mani-pedi on her fingernails and toenails and accessorized with a pair of large sunglasses.

Eva Longoria has been putting her activism skills and high profile to good use recently by getting involved with a number of campaigns, including a L’Oréal campaign against street harassment.

She posted a selfie photo on Monday with the letter “D” written on the palm of her hand, encouraging her 8 million followers to learn more about the “5 D’s” method.

And last month, for International Women’s Day, the Desperate Housewives star was involved in the United Nations Women #ActForEqual campaign, for which she recorded a video talking about the importance of grassroots organizations led by women — which she has seen first-hand.

She also penned an essay for Harper’s Bazaar UK, telling readers that the “disparities and inequalities” faced by women will remain unless “we are the change we want to see.”

Eva Longoria encouraged women to persevere, saying that it is necessary to “keep going for yourself and for our communities.”

She recently landed herself the role as director of a project, Flamin’ Hot, where she was advised by Desperate Housewives producer Brian Tanen to think of herself “as a white male” and “put on [her] male privilege pants.”

Longoria said Tanen told her: “Walk in the room as if that movie’s yours and you’re directing it and tell them this is how you’re going to cast it, this is how you’re going to shoot it. And I thought, “Oh my gosh, yeah! I’m not a man, and I’m not white, so I wouldn’t think to do that. It was a change in approach to every sentence that came out of my mouth. Because as a woman, we want to be amenable. We want to be seen as cooperative.”

Longoria said the advice heavily influenced her approach to her ultimately successful pitch.


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