Kimberley Garner Shows Everything In Tiny Bikini Photos While Keeping The Mystery Around Her New Man Going

Kimberley Garner Shows Everything In Tiny Bikini Photos

Kimberley Garner was seen in Barbados on Sunday with her new mystery man, as the couple was getting up close and frolicking in the water together.

Wearing a khaki bikini with crossover detail and gold accessories, the 29-year-old Made in Chelsea star seemed to be enjoying time on the beach in St James with her new man. Garner has not confirmed whether she is dating someone new.

Garner and her male friend splashed together in the water before taking a walk along the beach with their arms around each other, with her new man kissing her cheek.

The mystery man showed off his buff physique in a pair of light blue swim shorts and black sunglasses. Garner’s detailed bikini set was on full show, acting as a great advertisement for her own swimwear brand.

She later carried a Chanel tote bag and threw a long black lace dress over her bikini, which draped casually off her shoulder as the couple strolled along the beach, taking in their surroundings and getting cozy as they chatted.

In August of this year, Garner was photographed alongside Ollie Chambers, former Made in Chelsea co-star. The pair enjoyed a date playing tennis and were seen with their arms around each other.

During the lockdown, Garner said she is enjoying life being single and that she has learned a lot about herself. She encouraged others not to put up with relationships where they are not happy.

Do not expect to get many details about her new beau. Garner, who is excellent at keeping secrets, confirmed about a year ago that she ended her long-term romance with her unknown lover.

The nameless man and Garner went their separate ways after being together for several years and making wedding plans.

She revealed: “I keep my love life a secret. But not tell you a little. Almost got married last summer. I decided not to. Been single and dating since. It’s great. Single over lockdown. Have grown so much; these past few months to myself have been amazing. Stronger and happier than ever. I want to reassure you whatever stage you in, enjoy it, make your decisions for YOU. Don’t stay in a relationship you don’t want to be in. what’s to come, what you don’t now around the corner, is very, very exciting x.”

It is expected that Kimberley Garner will soon launch a swimwear range for men called Sunday Swimwear, following the success of her swimwear line for women.

Earlier this year, she was pictured in Malibu modeling some of her most popular swimwear ranges, including a classic black one-piece.

Garner is keen to continue running her swimwear brands from London, where they are designed and created — in a bid to keep the “best of British.”


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