Kate Upton Makes Surprising Confession About Her Daughter

Kate Upton Daughter Genevieve Justin Verlander Baseball Career

Kate Upton has said she thinks her 2-year-old daughter, Genevieve, believes her father, Justin Verlander, is a professional golfer rather than a baseball player.

Appearing via video call on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, model Kate Upton spoke to the show host about a range of topics, including parenting her daughter, Genevieve, during the pandemic.

Kate, 28, was asked by host Jimmy Fallon, 46 if her husband, Justin Verlander, had been spending time giving their daughter tips about playing baseball or showing off the highlights of his own successful sports career.

She responded to say that Justin had been showing her videos of his own games but added that she thought this was in a bid to stop Genevieve from thinking her father was a famous golfer instead of a professional baseball player.

Kate Upton said the family had been watching golf games on TV when Genevieve started to say “daddy, daddy,” seemingly believing it to be her father playing.

She joked that she told her young daughter, “no, he’s not that good,” but said Genevieve has seen Justin golfing in recent months more times than he has played baseball.

The model and influencer confessed: “He has been showing her lots of highlight films. I’m not sure if he’s showing her highlight films because he’s not playing right now. Or if it’s because I think she thinks he’s actually a golfer. She’s seen him golf more than she’s seen him play baseball.”

She went on to explain: “And so when we were watching the Masters the other day, she was like, “Daddy! Daddy!” and I was like, “No, that’s not what he does. He’s not that good.”

Justin Verlander has not been fully active on the baseball scene for more than a year after having surgery on his right groin last March and then suffering an injury over the summer before undergoing surgery again in September.

The sportsman — who is an 8-time MLB All-Star — missed the remainder of the 2020 season and will not play during the 2021 season.

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander have been together for seven years and got married in Italy in 2017.

Kate gushed about how great a father Justin is to their daughter and remarked that he is always “so involved” and “the best partner.”

Kate Upton concluded by: “He’s the best dad. I mean he really is. He’s always so involved, the best partner.”

Fans were happy to see the model and hear about her lovely family adventures.


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