Queen Elizabeth Blocked The Release Of Video Showing This Humiliating Scene Between Her And Prince Philip According To New Book

Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip Fights In Marriage

After 73 years of marriage, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, have had a few heated arguments that went very far.

In a new book that was written by Ingrid Seward, it was revealed that the Queen got so furious at her spouse that she attacked him with a pair of shoes and a tennis racket after a huge fight.

The incident did not end there; her Majesty dragged her husband back into their chalet at some point. According to the royal author, during a trip to Australia, the Duke of Edinburgh and his wife invited a camera crew to follow them.

The footage was supposed to be used for a documentary about their tour. Seward said in the new bombshell biography Prince Philip Revealed that people shadowing the royal couple were petrified by what they witnessed.

They saw Queen Elizabeth throwing a pair of tennis shoes behind her spouse.

The book revealed: “The camera operator was horrified to see Philip running out of the couple’s chalet, followed by a flying pair of tennis shoes and a racket and a very angry Queen shouting for him to come back. Then the indignant Queen grabbed hold of her husband and dragged him back inside.”

After witnessing the shocking scene, the crew froze and was approached by the royal press secretary, who demanded that they shut off the cameras or be arrested. The scandalous and embarrassing film was handed to the Queen.

She walked to the crew and had this to say about the humiliating incident: “I am sorry for that little interlude. But as you know, it happens in every marriage. Now, what would you like me to do?”

The pair got married in 1947 when Elizabeth was 21, and the naval captain was 26. Seward explained that the duo often has lovers’ quarrels, and Philip could be “very tough” on his wife and often called her a “bloody fool and accused her of talking rubbish.”

The Queen finds ways to be diplomatic and “seldom answered back but would change the subject and started talking in riddles that would divert him as he tried to figure out what she was talking about.”

Philip, 99, and The Queen, who is 94, have bonded while in quarantine together.

A royal source told The Sun: “Everyone who has seen her recently says the Queen appears to have a new lease of life because she loved the chance to spend quality time with Philip again. Obviously, she has been gravely worried about the nation during the pandemic, but those around her have seen how amazing they have been together. Because of self-isolation and with only a small team of loyal staff, dubbed ‘HMS Bubble,’ this is the first time the Queen has been able to spend quality time with her husband for years.”

Despite all of the drama, she is a reassuring figure for her country.


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