Minka Kelly And Trevor Noah Split After Actress Surprised Fans With Bikini Photo And Jaw-Dropping Video

Minka Kelly Trevor Noah Breakup

This week, Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah have decided to go their separate ways after nine months.

The break-up news comes days after Minka Kelly shared a stunning bikini photo and the most impressive yoga video ever.

Actress Minka Kelly, 40, and TV host Trevor Noah, 37, had been dating for less than a year but had already been reported to be “very stable” and even purchased a property together in December.

First linked in August, Kelly and Noah never went officially public with their relationship, but a source had confirmed they were “very serious.”

Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, had previously been vocal about his views against moving in together as a couple, even when things get as serious as marriage.

Speaking to Howard Stern, Noah had said that living together was one of the main reasons people get divorced or break up, describing cohabiting as “bull****.”

He shared: “I’m a big advocate for not ever living together even if you’re married. I think one of the biggest reasons people get divorced and relationships break up is because of this cohabiting bulls**t.”

In September 2020, just weeks after they were first romantically linked, the couple was seen exiting an SUV in New York City and going into Noah’s apartment.

Minka Kelly was seen carrying luggage, prompting speculation that they were moving in together. By late December, they had purchased a home together for $27.5m in Los Angeles after working and living apart for several months.

Despite his views on not living with a romantic partner, Trevor Noah has also said he is not opposed to the idea of marriage. Sources reported that he and Kelly were “very stable” and were making plans for their future together.

Although they kept their relationship private, they were last photographed together in a white SUV earlier this year, when they celebrated Trevor Noah’s 37th birthday on February 20.

Kelly was seen smiling at her partner, and they visited Party City and drove through an In-N-Out restaurant.

Minka Kelly was last reported to be in a relationship with Jesse Williams before they broke up in January 2018, while Trevor Noah dated Jordyn Taylor in 2017, but it is not known when they called it off.

Days before the split was announced, Minka Kelly surprised her fans with a gorgeous bikini photo.

She also dropped an epic yoga video where she is doing some daring and impressive moves with the help of a male instructor.


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