Dakota Fanning Stuns In Vintage Bikini Video While Giving Cardi B Some Competition

Dakota Fanning Sister Elle Cardi B WAP Birthday Video

Dakota Fanning celebrated her birthday this week and was seen rapping along to Cardi B‘s hit song “WAP” in a video posted by her sister, Elle Fanning.

On Tuesday, Dakota Fanning turned 27 years old, and many people — including her younger sister, Elle Fanning –wanted to wish her a very happy birthday.

Posting to Instagram to her five million followers, 22-year-old Elle Fanning shared a short clip of Dakota Fanning standing in a shallow pool wearing a patterned bikini and rapping along perfectly to the hit song “WAP” by Cardi B.

Elle Fanning joked to her sister in the caption that “there’s a lot more where this video came from.”

She wrote: “Yes, there’s a lot more where this video came from 💦 Happy 2️⃣7️⃣ Birthday to the one who apparently is an actual alien from the future. A psychic told me you are a more advanced human being than the rest of us and have come to the past to help us all along. I love you doesn’t come close to how I feel.”

Her sweet caption to the video, which was seen by more than a million viewers, claimed that Elle had seen a psychic who told her Dakota was an alien from the future who was helping them.

The video was taken from the ground up, and the actress held a pool skimmer in the water as she stood in the pool with rays of sunshine behind her.

Elle finished the cute birthday note by saying “I love you” does not come close to how she feels.

In response, Dakota Fanning appeared to find the post hilarious, commenting “I’m DEAD!” and telling her younger sister that she loves her too.

Hundreds of people flooded the comments section with birthday wishes for Dakota.

One user said the video was “amazing,” while others commented with love, heart, and fire emojis.

On the same day, Dakota Fanning posted to her own Instagram account, sharing a picture sitting down at a table with a large birthday cake — which was iced with a message “happy birthday, Dakota.”

She was surrounded by balloons, flowers, presents, and other decorations and captioned the image by simply saying, “this is 27.”

The two actresses appear to be very close and have been able to forge their own different paths in a complicated industry.

Some observers have also noticed the amazing crossover appeal of Cardi B’s music and work.


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