Keri Hilson Angers Fans With Fake Pregnancy Photos And Adds New Mystery About Her Private Life

Keri Hilson Fake Pregnancy Photos Serge Ibaka

Fans of Keri Hilson have been left wondering if there is a baby on the way after the 38-year-old singer-actress posted a compelling photo on Instagram.

A selfie showing Hilson’s top half showcased a rather prominent baby bump and raised plenty of questions among her 2.4 million Instagram followers, who immediately started speculating on the social media site.

The comments section soon gained messages of congratulations for the actress, although not everyone was convinced.

Some of her fans and celebrity friends were quick to spot that the movie Don’t Waste Your Pretty is due to be released next year, and Hilson may be teasing fans with details about her character in the film.

“It may be because it’s for a film. She wasn’t pregnant in her bday video a few days ago,” an observant backer wrote.

However, further confusion arose when fans realized that filming for the movie had concluded in August.

Hilson’s supposed “pregnancy” announcement seems plausible to some because it was made around the same time Cassie and Christina Milian revealed that they are expecting babies in 2021.

“I hope she wouldn’t be immature enough to get on here and post a pregnancy picture as a celebrity and have people telling her congratulations without clarifying in the caption that this is not real. That’s incredibly childish,” said a confused social media user.

“Trolling 🙄 , she could have put that in the caption. So she posted this so that people would speculate if she’s pregnant or not?! 5G went to her head….,” claimed an angry person.

Hilson clearly made no attempt to send a clear message with her “pregnancy” post, as she used just two emojis in the caption.

These were the smiling face with three hearts and the upside-down smiling face emoji — commonly associated with sarcasm, playfulness, and irony.

Posts from just a few weeks ago on Hilson’s Instagram page show her usual flat, toned stomach as she modeled a nude swimsuit on Thanksgiving.

Her fans are now wondering whether some of the photos are old or whether she is wearing a prosthetic baby bump… but only time will tell.

It has been claimed that Hilson married Samuel Soba in 2002, and the couple kept their personal lives private until their split. It is also believed that they have a child named Jayden, but Hilson appears to keep his identity as private as possible. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the alleged romance that has some saying this is a giant joke.

Very little is shared on social media about him, which leads many fans to believe it is out of character for Hilson to share pregnancy news and other personal family news on social media.

Moreover, some people even wonder if Soba really exists because all the pictures of him that can be found online are those of Hilson’s ex, NBA star Serge Ibaka.


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