Viral TikTok User Tessica Brown Fails To Remove Gorilla Glue From Hair After Trip To Hospital, Angers Some Fans With Bombshell Decision

Tessica Brown Gorilla Glue Girl TikTok Woman Hair Video

A woman, who went viral after using Gorilla Glue instead of hairspray, has finally gone to the hospital in a bid to get help — more than a month after applying the product to her locks.

Tessica Brown also dropped the bombshell news that she has hired a lawyer and will sue Gorilla Glue.

Tessica Brown, who is from Louisiana, earned more than 10 million views on her viral TikTok video. She explained to her social media followers that she used Gorilla Glue — a powerful, thick glue — on her long hair when she ran out of Got2B hairspray.

Brown told her following that her hair “don’t move” after applying the product, despite her attempts to wash it off fifteen times.

In early February, she said in a video posted on Instagram that her hair had been like that for a month and advised others never to do the same — a move she called a “bad, bad, bad idea.”

The company, Gorilla Glue, even commented on her post themselves, suggesting that she try rubbing alcohol, water, a hairdryer, and a comb. However, they warned her hair “could be damaged” by now.

On Saturday, she took a trip to St Bernard Parish Hospital to seek medical help, posting updates for her invested followers who have been following her story for several days.

Tessica Brown shared a photo of herself on a hospital bed with a nurse and another of the entrance to an emergency room.

@im_d_ollady Stiff where????? Ma hair 🤬🤬

♬ original sound – Tessica Brown

Among the 75,000+ comments on her original video are followers offering words of encouragement, advice, and support, as well as those who found the situation quite comical.

Some social media users told Brown her hair “looked good” as it was, while others said they were “scared” for her. A few joked that she “got2b more careful” in the future.

She welcomed “any ideas” to remove the Gorilla Glue before her trip to the hospital and posted a short message to thank her followers for their encouragement, promising to keep everyone updated on the conundrum.

The company has issued a statement apologizing to the woman in a message that read: “We are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident that Miss Brown experienced using our Spray Adhesive on her hair. We are glad to see in her recent video that Miss Brown has received medical treatment from her local medical facility and wish her the best.”

Fans have been rooting for Gorilla Glue Girl (Woman) and sharing a variety of tips on YouTube and Facebook on how to remove the glue.

However, many of her backers are now angry because the TikToker is planning to sue Gorilla Glue for the nightmare she is currently going through because the warning label says not to put the product on the skin but fails to mention hair.


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