Erika Jayne’s Lawyers Made Surprising Announcement In Tom Girardi’s Scandal While Reality TV Star Was Busy Posting These Steamy Photos

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Erika Jayne might be in a heap of legal troubles, but that has not stopped her from giving it all she has on social media.

As her personal life and finances take significant blows, the stunning reality TV star continues to delight her followers with photos without clothes on and jaw-dropping bikini shots.

While Erika Jayne was busy flaunting her fit figure, her lawyers have withdrawn from representing her in the bankruptcy case with her husband, Tom Girardi, following a documentary released on Monday.

The 49-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been dropped by law firm Dinsmore & Shohl LLP, according to documents, which say the “relationship of trust and confidence” between client and attorney has broken down and is irreparable.

The news came the same day documentary The Housewife and the Hustler aired on Hulu, which looks at the ongoing case against Erika Jayne’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi, 82, who allegedly embezzled and stole money from clients via his own companies.

The lawyers claim in court documents that Erika had been informed of their decision no later than Monday.

They said that trust and confidence were “essential” to a “properly functioning” relationship between lawyer and client and that the breakdown of this was now beyond repair.

It is unknown precisely what provoked the decision to withdraw. Still, according to documents, Erika Jayne was advised to look for new lawyers and had been told there could be consequences if she did not successfully find a replacement in time.

She filed for divorce from her spouse, Tom Girardi, in November 2020, but now reports suggest this was merely an attempt to ensure none of their money was lost in the bankruptcy case.

Erika is listed as working for one of Tom’s companies as a secretary, from which money was transferred to her company, EJ Global.

While she has not been charged formally with any crimes, reporter Brandon Lowrey said in the recent documentary that it would be difficult for Erika to say that “she didn’t know anything was going on.”

She has denied any wrongdoing and appeared in a trailer for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills telling viewers “no one knows the answer but him.”

Speaking out about her divorce from Tom Girardi for the first time, Girardi confessed: “There are so many layers to this divorce. It’s so f—— complicated. It’s very difficult to explain. You know, I’m sure that they were very shocked and that they’re going to have a lot of questions.”

Some observers say the TV personality is very resourceful and might win in the end.


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