Sasha Obama Michelle And Barack Daughter Photo

Sasha Obama’s Latest ‘Pictures’ Spark Arguments On Social Media

There are several so-called pictures of Sasha Obama, which have surfaced on social media and have led to a heated argument. In a picture, a young woman flashes her toned stomach while... Read more »
Barack Obama Queen Elizabeth Michelle Meeting Book A Promised Land

Barack Obama Explains Why Wife Michelle Obama Did The Human Thing When She Met Queen Elizabeth

Former President of the United States Barack Obama has opened up for the first time about what exactly happened when he and his wife, Michelle Obama, attended a G20 summit at the... Read more »
Melania Trump Michelle Obama President Donald Joe Biden

Melania Trump Is Following Michelle Obama’s Footsteps With A Memoir, And This Is How President Donald Trump Feels About It

Political junkies should get their popcorn because Melania Trump is about to spill all the juicy secrets from her time in the White House. Both President Donald Trump and his wife are... Read more »
Sasha Obama TikTok Videos Michelle Barack Daughter

Sasha Obama Raps And Dances In TikTok Videos And Gets Mixed Reactions From Michelle And Barack Obama’s Fans Because Of The Choice Of Song

As the daughter of former President Barack Obama, 19-year-old Sasha Obama‘s every move is scrutinized. This weekend, a few TikTok videos featuring Sasha surfaced where she is rapping along a song from... Read more »
Queen Elizabeth Michelle Obama Drunken Staff Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth Does Not Mind A Little Drunken Behavior Around Her

While one would assume that being a member of the royal family, or even working for them, would come with some strict implications for behaving, the reality seems to be a bit... Read more »
Michelle Obama Joe Biden President Donald Trump

Michelle Obama Almost Did Not Release This Viral Video But President Donald Trump’s Latest Moves Made Her Change Her Mind

Former First Lady Michelle Obama tore President Donald Trump into shreds in a new video where she spoke directly to the American people about the importance of the presidential election. The pro-Joe... Read more »
Michelle Obama Sasha Barack Malia White House Childhood

Michelle Obama Was Able To Strike This Interesting Deal To Protect Her Daughters

There is not much known about the Obama daughters, and there is a reason why parents former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have always wanted things that way. Michelle Obama,... Read more »
Michelle Obama Podcast Barack President Marriage Becoming

Michelle Obama Almost Committed A Crime, And Her Confession Shocks Fans Of Former President Barack Obama

Since her podcast launched, Michelle Obama has been sharing food for thoughts, giving an inside look into her private life, and sometimes raising eyebrows with some of the revelations. Recently, the former... Read more »
Kamala Harris Michelle Obama Backing As VP

Kamala Harris Gets The Full-Throated Endorsement Of The Most Most Admired Person On Earth

It was an announcement that rocked the world — Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, picked Sen. Kamala Harris, of California, as his running mate. Harris, a former attorney general,... Read more »
Barack Obama Michelle Lockdown Children

Barack Obama Is Aggressively Competing Against These Two People According To Wife Michelle

Michelle Obama has been revealing many secrets about her family while in quarantine in their mansion in Washington, DC. The former first lady has a new podcast where she tackles various topics.... Read more »
Michelle Obama Depressed President Donald Trump

Here Is Why Michelle Obama Blames President Donald Trump For Her Depression

On the second episode of her podcast Wednesday, Michelle Obama confessed to the world that she is battling depression and blamed President Donald Trump for her current fragile mental state. The former... Read more »
Meghan Markle Prince Harry Michelle Obama Praises New Book

Meghan Markle Gets The Support Of The Most Famous Woman On Earth As She And Prince Harry Face Another Major Scandal

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex recently received some unexpected praises from the most popular and beloved figure in the United States and the world. Meghan Markle, who has millions of people commenting on... Read more »