Nene Leakes Goes After ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Costar And Fans Think It Is Porsha Williams

Kandi Burruss Nene Leakes Porsha Williams The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Nene Leakes is going after one of her costars and fans firmly believe it is Porsha Williams.

A few days ago, the veteran reality star shared a note on a social media platform.

The message was raw and clear – she did not take part in a fight on the set of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

The Glee star also wanted her fans to know she would have never threatened to leave the Bravo show. Why would she?

Leakes signed the most lucrative deal with the network – she will be getting paid over 2 million dollars to be in the new season.

In the Instagram post, the television host was blasting reports that a brawl occurred as the ladies were gathered for dinner to launch season 10.

A source claimed Lamarra George and Shamea Morton “got into it and after they got in each other’s faces.”

The verbal assault turned physical with Goerge throwing a glass of wine at Morton’s face.

The eyewitnesses told The Jasmine Brand: “Shamea then tried to defend herself but was escorted out before any serious physical altercation could ensue. NeNe even went as far to say that if they wanted her to stay on the show, they would have to get rid of Shamea.”

Leakes slammed the report in a post that read: “Where does all this stuff keep coming from fights, glasses thrown! If ANYBODY dream of this shit, they are catching a fucking case! I will sleep on the court house steps to bring a bitch to justice if they don’t catch what’s under the front seat of my car first nothappening #stoplying #bitchgonebeinhandcuffs #idontgetdownlikethat #grownwomanshit PS: I am very clear about who the chemical imbalanced housewife is that’s looking for a moment but they are not gonna get it.”

The part that got the Internet’s attention is the line where she bashed the “chemical imbalance housewife.”

It appears that Leakes is calling out the cast member who sold the story to the media.

While she did not mention any names, many say it is Williams.

Williams and Leakes have never been friends, and that is not about to change.

Since the day it was announced that Leakes would be returning to the show, Williams has been shading her.


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