Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Fight Over Having Baby Number 2 Right Away: Report

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Baby Number 2

All is not perfect in paradise between Travis Scott and his baby mama, Kylie Jenner.

The pair was once swimming in bliss after welcoming their first child — a baby girl named Stormi Webster — about three months ago.

The famous young couple has been seen on lavish vacations together where they were making out and cuddling.

However, a new report has surfaced claiming that Miss Jenner has been fighting with the rapper over their decision to expand their family.

The MC is in love with his baby girl and wants to have more children as soon as possible, but the makeup maven intends to focus on her career and wait a few years before getting pregnant again.

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The family friend told Hollywood Life that their talks about having baby number 2 often turn into heated arguments where no one wins.

The source told the entertainment website: “Kylie and Travis are fighting about having more kids. They can’t agree on timing. While Travis wants another baby right away, Kylie wants to wait a little while longer before she endures another pregnancy. They both want a big family but the disagreement about when is creating tension in the relationship.”

The person went on to give the reason why Jenner is not in a rush to have a second child by saying: “Travis is working a lot too, and with him gone a lot of the time, Kylie feels like she is the one doing a lot of the caring for Stormi. So the last thing she wants to do right now is be left alone with two kids while he works. Kylie told him when he slows down with work, then she will consider giving Stormi a brother or sister.”

Jenner recently deleted all of Stormi’s pictures from social media after she received death threats.


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