Jordan Holgerson, 16, The Teen Shoved Off Moulton Falls Bridge, Has Forgiven Woman Who Did This To Her

Jordan Holgerson Woman Pushed Off Bridge

A 16-year-old female named Jordan Holgerson is healing and speaking out after she was featured in a viral video where she was being pushed against her will from a 60-foot bridge.

Miss Holgerson was left with a long list of injuries after the female friend forced her to dive from the Moulton Falls on the Lewis River in Yacolt, Washington.

In the much-talked-about clip, the young woman appeared scared and hesitant about jumping in the water.

Holgerson’s pals encouraged her to take the giant leap, and a person asked her if she is ready, but before she could answer, the person shoved her.

Holgerson said she passed out while falling and was not sure she would make out alive. A pal swam and pulled her out of the water, and she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The young woman’s family said she suffered five cracked ribs, a bruised esophagus, and an injured trachea. Doctors also discovered air bubbles in her chest and a punctured lung.

Holgerson’s aunt, Kristie Morgan, said she has been released from the hospital and she is going through physical and emotional pain.

Morgan explained: “She went home last night and woke up crying in pain this morning. She has a hard time breathing, and it gives her a panic attack which makes it even harder to breathe. She is really suffering physically and emotionally.”

Despite the pain and suffering, Holgerson does not want to seek “revenge” against the woman who pushed her. The unnamed adult has apologized, and Holgerson has accepted. Most online commenters said that she should have pressed charges.

Clark County Fire Chief Ben Peeler has confirmed that it is illegal to jump from the bridge and they are investigating the matter.

Relatives are grateful she is alive and is not paralyzed after the frightening jump.


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