Melania Trump Might Divorce The Donald In 2020 If He Is Re-Elected — Wants Quiet Life: Report

Melania Trump Donald 2020 Election Divorce

The former model and First Lady of the United States Melania Trump has some interesting plans for 2020, and they do not involve her husband and the current president, Donald Trump.

According to a new report, it will be a lose-lose proposition for Mr. Trump after the election.

If he is not reelected and a Democrat like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris kicks him out of the White House, it will be a humiliating loss.

And the world knows that Trump is in love with the word win. If he is reelected, his wife, Melania, has no plans to go back to Washington, allegedly.

She reportedly plans to file for divorce and move to New York with her son, Barron Trump. After watching Vanessa Trump end her marriage to Donald Trump Jr., Melania is plotting the same exit.

An insider had this to say to Hollywood Life about Melania’s hope of returning to a more anonymous life: “Melania is quietly preparing for her life outside of the White House and to be honest; it could be without Donald. She is weighing all her options for a life out of the public eye and away from politics.”

The source added that on election night, do not expect to see a smile on Melania’s face if the former reality Tv star beats his opponent.

The person said: “Melania has been thinking about where would be the safest place to live for her and Barron and how she will enjoy a more quiet life. A divorce is a serious option, and Melania is holding her breath until his term is over so she can make all the best decisions about her and Barron’s future. The worst-case scenario for Melania involves Donald getting voted into another term in office, a prospect that she can barely stand. However, if Donald gets re-elected, she will be devastated.”

It was recently revealed that the New York billionaire’s petty behavior toward Aretha Franklin and John McCain was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The site shared: “Donald’s bitter pettiness and ability to hold a grudge are probably the characteristics Melania dislikes the most about him. Donald thinks it makes him appear strong when he never wavers and always holds firm in his opinion, but she believes the exact opposite and thinks the way he handled the John McCain situation is the perfect example.”

Of course, those claims should be taken with a grain of salt. The Trumps are very good at playing with the media.


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