Ariana Grande Is ‘Heartbroken’ After Mac Miller’s Death From Suspected Overdose: Report

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The world is mourning Mac Miller; the famous rapper died on Friday at his California home. And according to several reports, he died of a drug overdose. He was only 26 years old.

A person close to Ariana Grande, his former girlfriend, spoke to the media and said she is in pain and is devastated by the death.

Miller, whose real name is Malcolm McCormick, had a huge following and was able to release five successful albums.

In his final album, Swimming, Miller opened up about fighting the demons linked to drug and alcohol addictions. He also poured his heart out about the public breakup with Miss Grande.

Grande, who is staying away from social media as she is being bashed as the reason for the death, shared her state of mind via ET: “Although the two ended their relationship, Ariana always shared a deep connection with Mac and wanted nothing but the best for him. Ariana is distraught. Despite their split, Ariana had always been supportive of his sobriety.”

Another source echoed the same sentiment via Hollywood Life on behalf of the petite diva and actress.

The friend told the entertainment news website: “He was there for her in her time of need after Manchester, and she will always love him for that. She has so many mixed emotions flow through her because she wanted him to find the help that he needed. It’s a significant punch in the gut and trying to make sense of it all is heartbreaking and very trying.”

Many of Grande’s fans are showing her love as she deals with this personal matter.

A supporter told the artist: “Does she have to? Like, she doesn’t have to post every tragic thing that is happening. Please gtfo Instagram.”

Another fan explained: “Leave her alone like god damn she is grieving. Ariana baby we love you 🙁 we need you I’m praying you’re okay and praying this doesn’t get to you. You don’t deserve this:(.” wrote another well-wisher.

“❤️ Hold on Ari ❤️ we love you soooo much! I understand it’s hard for you either 🥀 don’t get depressed, please !!! If only I could hug you✨ so much love 💕 your big Russian fan❤️❤️❤️,” wrote this adoring follower from Europe.


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