Tulsi Gabbard’s Push-Up Contest Video In New Hampshire Goes Viral As She Vows To Legalize Drugs

Tulsi Gabbard New Hampshire Joe Biden Push-Ups

Tulsi Gabbard made headlines recently as she participated in an improvised competition for push-ups, during an appearance at a Manchester town hall in New Hampshire.

Gabbard, who before entering national politics, was exceeding in her military career. She is famous for her rigorous training programs, and it is common knowledge that the combat veteran from Iraq still does her best to stay in shape.

When Gabbard was present for her public appearance at the town hall in Manchester on Thursday night, a male viewer from the gathered crowd stood out, when he asked the 38-year-old candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination from Hawaii if she was fit enough to beat former Vice President Joe Biden in a push-up contest.

The question, which was a reference to Biden’s earlier competition for the same exercise against an 83-year-old former farmer, quickly prompted Gabbard to state that even if Biden had some superhuman push-up ability that nobody knew about, she was aware that she could take most people to a push-up challenge.

Following Gabbard’s brave answer, the person who asked the question came out of the crowd and went to the stage next to the politician so they could compete.

However, it appears that the man underestimated his opponent because soon he was tired and dropped to the ground, while Gabbard looked still fresh.

After the event, a footage of the competition found its way to social media, where some people voiced their suspicions that what happened was faked, as one Twitter user commented that Gabbard’s competitor looked like he could easily do another 20 push-ups, but the politician was quick to answer with the claim that so could she.

Although some found the whole thing to be cringe-worthy in light of the serious problems that the country is facing, others have applauded the controversial politician for doing all of this in heels.

One commenter stated: “I want a Tulsi v Trump push-up challenge ASAP. Says more than a debate to me.”

A second person added: “It’s been a long time since I look up to a candidate, but you broke the curse. Keep it up, Tulsi.”

Gabbard is polling under five percent in New Hampshire, and she is not expected to perform well in this nomination cycle.

However, her feuds with former nominee Hillary Clinton and rival Kamala Harris had an impact on the race last year.

She has also endorsed legalizing drugs. Gabbard said in New Hampshire this past Friday: “If we take that step to legalize and regulate, then we’re no longer treating people who are struggling with substance addiction and abuse as criminals and instead of getting them the help that they need.”

Critics have suggested that Vladimir Putin and Russian assets support the congresswoman.


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