Cops Shoot And Kill Woman, 54, Who Called 911 — She Was Armed With A Knife

Susan Muller New York Police Shooting

Susan Muller, a woman who had mental issues, according to her boyfriend, Edward Rogers, was shot and killed by New York Police Department officers.

This tragic story began with Muller dialing 911 and telling the police that she needed help and she feared for her life because there was an intruder in her Queens, New York City home on Monday in Maspeth around 6 p.m.

According to Dermot Shea, the chief of detectives for the New York Police Department, the 54-year-old woman told the officers that the criminal was upstairs and there was a burglary in progress.

Muller cooked up the story that a woman carrying a knife or razor was in the home. As the police officers walked towards the steps, Muller lunged at them with a 10-inch knife.

Shea said the officers ordered her to drop the weapon and she refused, forcing them to shoot her several times. Muller died on the scene.

Shea said the police officers have video evidence to back their version of the events that took place.

The official explained: “We know this because there was a body camera video…Subsequently, one officer discharges his service weapon three times, striking the female in the torso.”

Susan Muller New York Police Shooting Victim

Rogers, the boyfriend of the deceased woman, said he was not home during the tragic incident. He described Muller as a loving person who was sometimes delusional and paranoid.

The retired police officer told a local media outlet that he believes that alcohol was a factor in her irrational behavior and added: “I could not see her getting volatile with the police, but I then again wasn’t here when it happened.”

Young Kim, a neighbor, claimed that Muller was probably addicted to alcohol and often fought with Rogers. Kim stated that the police and ambulance had been called multiple times the home in the past.

Kim, who had more to say, added: “The police have come a few times. The police and an ambulance came a few days ago.”

Another neighbor named Kevin Tang confirmed that Rogers and Muller often fought and continued with: “I heard them yell pretty frequently. They did keep to themselves. They didn’t keep the noise to themselves.”

According to reports, police had visited the home nine times in the past twenty years.

However, the officers, who came the night of the tragic incident, might have been not familiar with Muller’s unique circumstances.


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