Boston Bar Kidnapping And Rape Case Takes Disturbing Turn With New Revelations — Selfies And Bible

Victor Pena Olivia Ambrose Kidnapping

A recent case involving an abduction from a Boston bar has gotten even weirder, according to reports.

The behavior of the attacker has been described in new details, which have painted the case in an even more disturbing light.

38-year-old Victor Pena allegedly kidnaped Olivia Ambrose, 23, as she was walking out of a bar in Boston. He reportedly wanted to protect and start a family with the young woman.

Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum stated: “What she remembers next is waking up on a bare mattress in the suspect’s apartment with a stranger next to her.”

The man took the woman to his apartment, where he held her for several days during which he repeatedly raped her.

However, making the case even more twisted, the man also made several strange requests towards the woman during her time of captivity. Those included reading passages from the Bible to him in Spanish, as well as posing for selfies.

Ambrose was reportedly also forced to drink alcohol (whiskey and vodka) with her abductor, and he requested selfies with her several times during the three-day ordeal in his Charlestown apartment that ended with Pena’s arrest on January 22.

The man even put on various articles of clothing, such as sunglasses as if he were at the beach. He then asked the woman to kiss him for a selfie.

Pena’s defense currently seems to rely heavily on proving that the man is mentally disturbed.

Many have expressed their shock and disgust over the incident. At the same time, some have pointed out that there might be more to the story than what was reported, and that the man’s insanity defense could be a weak attempt to avoid his legal responsibility.

The man’s brother, Jose Pena, told local news in January: “Only thing he said is, he said ‘She was drunk, she asked me for help, I helped walk her, I went to my place, and I didn’t even touch this girl. My brother is slow. He’s 38, but mentally he’s 17, 18, so he’s like a teenager.”

Pena’s lawyer, William Barabino, is pushing this idea and argues that Pena is 12 years old mentally and he expects him to get evaluated soon.

The case has received widespread attention, and many have expressed an interest in seeing Pena get the sentence that he deserves for his acts.

Earlier this month, the man at the center of the January incident was indicted by a grand jury on one count of kidnapping and ten counts of aggravated rape. Pena has pleaded not guilty, and his next court date is set for April 10.


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