Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes Leon, Removes All Her Clothes And Shows Her Impressive Acting Skills In Thriller Video

Lourdes Leon Madonna Daughter Barragan Video

Lourdes Leon has appeared in a short yet dramatic video where she models a variety of revealing outfits and showed off her impressive acting skills while at a run-down motel in Long Island.

The 24-year-old model was seen completely nude with parts of her body covered with paint in the video clip, which lasted barely two minutes and told the story of a woman, Lola, being watched in her motel room.

With a painted mini top and shorts, Madonna’s daughter lied down on a bed and displayed a large red star across her cleavage.

The video was shot for designer Barragán and took two days to film in Long Island.

Lourdes’s character, Lola, arrives at a run-down motel and speaks on the phone to somebody telling them they are “three hours late,” wearing a long blonde wig with the letter “B” dyed onto it in several parts — a look which many likened to her mother’s signature style.

The viewers do not know who she is speaking to on the phone but later see a voyeur watching her when she gets to her room in the motel.

Other outfits modeled by Lourdes Leon during the short video include a plunging dress that exposed her back and a 2000s-inspired red ensemble towards the end.

The film’s director and photographer Mayan Toledano explained the concept of the semi-erotic thriller: “The film is about a guy who spies on a woman and becomes increasingly more obsessed with her. With Lola, I wanted to switch the roles a bit, so she learns that she’s being spied on and plays the part for it, to her own pleasure.”

Throughout the video, viewers are shown that Lola is being watched, but as she is aware of this, she begins to put on a show and stay in control of the situation.

She is seen walking around the motel room kissing a teddy bear, applying lipstick, and changing into various outfits, including a pair of yellow panties with “Sexy Girl” written on them.

The final clip shows the voyeur dead on the ground with a head wound, while Lola stands over him with a weapon and then walks through the snow. There is a possibility that the film could have been loosely inspired by real-life events.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Madonna’s oldest daughter said she is tired of older men creeping and lurking around her Instagram page.

The influencer confessed: “Grown-ass men who ask me if I’m on ‘The ’Gram’ ” is: “You need to gather yourself and think about the way in which you want to get to know people because that’s just not how you do it.”

Observers noticed that Lourdes is starting to make some interesting artistic choices.


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